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16 October 2014

Breast Augmentation and Pectus Excavatum

Breast Augmentation in a woman with Pectus Excavatum can produce wonderful results, when the surgery is carefully planned in advance.  Pectus Excavatum can be symmetric or asymmetric;  naturally, t...

25 August 2014


The average size of breast implants in some clinics is 400cc , while in others the average size of breast implants is smaller. We suspect that the average in Texas, would be significantly larger but w...

25 August 2014

Armpit Folds – A ‘Normal’ Feature That Bothers Many Women”

  For many women, skin folds that are found in the armpit area and that sit over top the breasts, are a common source of frustration. They see this as a problem area that looks unnatural and that...

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