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26 June 2016

Silicone breast augmentation through the armpit

Armpit approach allows a surgeon to avoid placing any scars on the breasts. It is ideal for saline breast implants which can be inserted through a very small incision.  Sometimes, however, women wish...

14 May 2016

How long is recovery after a breast augmentation?

Recovery after surgery is a crucial part of getting the best results, and it should not be rushed nor underestimated. In fact, as a patient, you must diligently follow Dr. Jugenburg’s instructio...

14 May 2016

Do you want breast augmentation but are afraid of the scars?

Pain and scars are the two biggest obstacles patients fear when considering cosmetic surgery, so you’re not alone! There is no way to place a breast implant without leaving a scar, BUT a skilled...


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