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22 August 2018

Your Top 20 Breast Enhancement Check List

Keep An Open Mind Everyone’s different, and it’s important to keep that fact in mind when it comes to surgery. No one has the same build, height, weight, shape or elasticity in their skin. So eve...

22 August 2018

Venezuela’s MissFactories: Extreme Beauty

  For many, Miss Universe is an entertaining and captivating competition that brings out our inner patriotism for the women chosen to represent our countries. For others, it can prove to be an i...

22 August 2018

Secrets Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know: Cellulite Cures

The desire to get rid of one’s cellulite has been an ongoing struggle with women (98%) for years upon years, and for good reason; its undesirable appearance brings on low self esteem or body issues...