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21 October 2017

Asymmetry and Breast Augmentation

Breast asymmetry is not rare, on the contrary, it is actually common.  At the same time, most women do not realize they have any asymmetry and if their asymmetries are not pointed out prior to their breast augmentation, they will believe the breast augmentation surgery caused the asymmetry, that it was a ‘botched job’

So let’s say it one more time.  Nobody is perfectly symmetrical.  Some are more, some are less.

The image below shows a patient with minimal asymmetry, which most people wouldn’t notice.  To illustrate the asymmetry, we took the top image which is the original, and created an image with two right breasts (middle image) and two left breasts (bottom image)

Breast asymmetry example

To actually quantitate the incidence of asymmetry, a retrospective study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: December 2006 – Volume 118 – Issue 7S – pp 7S-13S) reviewed 100 breast augmentation patients and found the following significant (clearly visible) asymetries:

  • Nipple/areaola size – 24%
  • Nipple position – 53%
  • Breast volume – 44%
  • Breast width – 29%
  • Breast fold position – 30%
  • Breast sagging – 29%
  • Chest wall (bone) asymmetry – 9%


Overall 88% of women had significant asymmetry (100% had at least some minor asymmetry), and 65% had more than one aspect of their breast different from the other