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13 January 2018

Breast Implant Illness - Do I Need To Remove My Breast Implants?

If you believe you are suffering from “Breast Implant Illness” and would like you have your implants removed, the procedure can be easily performed.  Depending on your situation, it may even be done under just local anesthesia.

Removing my breast implants

The procedure to remove your breast implants is a simple one.  Typically, the existing scar is opened up and your implant is simply removed.  It is always helpful to know details of your previous breast augmentation (type and size of your implant, implant placement – information found in your old operative report) prior to the surgery.  Things that may complicate the implant removal may be the presence of a ruptured silicone implant or calcification of your breast capsule.  These are things that we will need to determine during your consultation, prior to your surgery.  If a ruptured silicone is present, or your capsule is calcified, your surgery will likely need to be done under general anesthesia and your scar my need to be extended to allow for better visualization of breast tissues.  You may also require the use of a surgical drain (in more extensive cases)

Do I need a breast lift after you remove my implants?

If your breast skin has been stretched due to the size of your implants or the weight of your breasts, you may require a breast lift.  It is not always easy to predict who will need a breast lift, and sometimes we may recommend doing the implant removal first, allowing everything to heal and then reassessing the need for a breast lift which would then be performed 6-9 months later.  Please note that adding a breast lift (at the time of the implant removal or at a later date will add additional cost to your surgery)

Will implant removal heal my breast implant illness?

There is no scientific evidence to show that implants cause ‘Breast Implant Illness” and so there are not studies to prove removing implants will correct symptoms you are suffering.  Some women state that they felt better after removing their implants, however these anecdotal cases cannot be used to predict whether or not you too will feel better once your implants are removed.


Scheduling my Implant Removal Consultation

If you would like to proceed and have your implants removed, please contact us to schedule your consultation.  Prior to your consultation, you will need to obtain a copy of your old Operative Report which has the implant information (type, make, size of your implants).  Once you have been seen, we may send you for additional tests before scheduling your surgery, in order to allow us to better plan your procedure.