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Butt Implant Surgeon: Dr. Jugenburg

Reshaping Your Body With Butt Augmentation Surgery

NOTE:   There are no Health Canada – approved Butt Implants available to us right now.  Until further notice, Dr. Jugenburg is unable to perform Butt Implant procedures.


For men and women who want to increase the size, fullness and shape of their buttocks, buttock implantation surgery can help change their appearance. Whether it’s because of genetics, excessive weight loss or age, flatness in the buttock area is a concern for many people.

Unfortunately, exercises like squats can only do so much, and buttock implants offer a fast, permanent solution. A buttock, or gluteal implant, can add a more youthful shape and size to the body while traditional methods of exercise and diet cannot.

Reasons to Consider A Butt Implant

There are various reasons that women and men opt to have a buttock implant. They include:

  • A disproportionate figure with a “flat” bottom
  • Desire for an increased size that improves the way clothes fit
  • Poorly shaped buttocks that lead to an unappealing appearance

If you are not happy with your physique or the size and fullness of your buttocks, a buttock implant with Dr. Jugenburg may be the answer you are looking for.

Am I a Candidate for a Butt Implant?

The best candidates for a buttock implant are women or men with a flat or deflated buttock that want increased projection, fullness and a shapelier butt. Most patients tend to be on the thin side with small buttocks.

If you’ve tried exercise and have not achieved the look you desire, a butt implant is a viable solution. Candidates for buttock implant surgery generally are in good health and have:

  • Flat or square buttocks with minimal curves
  • An imbalance between the buttocks and the rest of the body
  • Minimal projection of the buttocks that cause clothes to “hang”
  • Patients without enough body fat for a fat transfer
  • Realistic expectations of what the procedure can do

The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for a buttock implant is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg.


Complementary Procedures: Liposuction and Fat Grafting

When considering a buttock implant, Dr. Jugenburg might also recommend additional procedures that help refine the look you are trying to achieve. These complementary procedures include liposuction, to help sculpt the waist area, and fat grafting, which can add volume and shape to the bottom. These procedures are done in conjunction with a buttock lift and can be done at the same time.

Liposuction of the waist involves removing fat from the love handles. This is used in patients who may have “square” butt with prominent love handles and a small butt.  Tightening the waist with the liposuction, in addition to adding volume to the butt with the implants helps to sculpt the body into a sexier shape.

Fat grafting is done to provide additional roundness and shape to the buttock area. Fat is liposuctioned from other areas of the body, including love handles, the back and outer thigh area, purified in the operating room and then reinjected into the buttocks. When a patient doesn’t have enough fat to use this procedure by itself, it is often done in conjunction with a buttock lift.

Each additional procedure adds time to the surgery, and may require additional recovery time as well. Dr. Jugenburg will discuss the different approaches that are available to you and determine the best approach based on your needs, goals and specific anatomy.


What You Can Expect With A Butt Implant

The best way to determine if a buttock implant will provide the results you are looking to achieve is to have an initial consultation with Dr. Jugenburg. You will have an opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations about the surgery with the doctor, and ask any relevant questions.


During your initial consultation, Dr. Jugenburg will:

  • Review your medical history and any medications you are taking
  • Discuss the procedure and any related procedures
  • Provide recommendations based on your needs and goals

Dr. Jugenburg will listen to your needs, expectations and your desired outcome from the butt implant. The doctor will discuss the procedure with you, and answer any questions you may have. You will be able to tour our state-of-the-art surgical facility located in the beautiful Fairmont Royal York Hotel. During this time you will also be able to meet with our caring staff that will be part of your team.

Butt implant surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Jugenburg will determine the best type of anesthesia based on your procedure and examination.

During the procedure, the buttock implant can be positioned in the gluteal area in one of three ways:

  • Submuscular – under muscles
  • Intramuscular – inside muscles
  • Subfascial – over muscles

Dr. Jugenburg’s preferred technique is the intramuscular as it is associated with lowest rate of complications.

The implant’s size and shape will depend on your body shape and your desired fullness.

The first step is to select the appropriate implant. There are a variety of shapes, including round, or oval and one that is called an “anatomic” implant. There are also a variety of surface textures. The most common material is solid silicone, which cannot rupture, spill or deflate. Dr. Jugenburg will discuss the various options with you and make a recommendation based on his experience and your desired outcome.

The next step is to determine where the incision will be made. The implant incision can be placed in one of several different locations.


  •  Toward the bottom of the buttock in the gluteal creases, which is the  area where the bottom of your cheeks meets the           top of your thighs.
  • One incision is made down the center of the sacrum. This is the generally preferred location because the scar is well hidden. In addition, only one scar results from this placement.

Once the decision is made on the type of incision, the doctor will determine the placement of the implant. Most often the implant is placed under the gluteal muscle. The implants are placed above the actual area that you sit on, so you will never actually be sitting on the implants. Dr. Jugenburg places the implants under the muscle because it provides a fuller, rounder and more natural appearance.

The procedure begins with a vertical incision made in the buttock center crease, called the sacrum. The surgery continues on either side of the sacrum until the buttock muscle is reached. The doctor creates a pocket for the implant within the muscle on each side, and then the muscle is closed over the implants.  The original incision is closed in layers, and the surgery is complete. Drains may be inserted to reduce fluid buildup, and will be removed in 2 weeks.


You can usually go home after your procedure, but resting and relaxation is important, so you may want to spend the first night in one of the beautifully appointed rooms in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. You will see Dr. Jugenburg the day after your surgery, and at regularly scheduled intervals in the coming weeks. This is done so the doctor can personally monitor your recovery process, and to ensure that you have the best results possible.

Following your buttock implant there will be some bruising, swelling and discomfort. The discomfort will be controlled by the pain medication prescribed by Dr. Jugenburg. You will also wear a compression garment to help reduce pain and swelling.

The first two weeks following surgery are the most difficult, as patients are NOT allowed to sit for the first two weeks. It is recommend that you sit as little as possible for up to 21 days, and you will not be able to resume strenuous physical activities for 4-6 weeks. Most patients take 2 weeks off from work, but if they have a physically strenuous job it may require a longer period of time.

It should be noted that a buttock implant requires a high level of commitment on the part of the patient, as there are a lot of restrictions following the surgery and there can be discomfort that may last for several weeks. Recovery requires that the patient spend a lot of time lying on their stomach to give the buttocks time to heal.

Please understand that it is essential you follow Dr. Jugenburg’s post-surgical instructions, as failure to do so will most likely lead to infection and loss of the implants.

The procedure will last about 2 hours, unless complementary procedures are performed.



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At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, it is of the utmost importance to us that each patient feels completely informed about their chosen procedure before committing to surgery. We also understand that opting for cosmetic surgery is a very personal choice, particularly when it involves a part of the body such as the buttocks. This is why we invite all prospective patients into our private and friendly clinic to have a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg. During the consultation, you will have a medical check up, and we will discuss if this procedure is the right choice to help you get the look you want. At this time, you can also view our state of the art facilities, and meet our friendly, qualified, and experienced staff.

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Butt Implant FAQs

  • You should stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery. Also, you should avoid aspirin and aspirin products, omega 3 and fish oil products. During your consultation Dr. Jugenburg will review your medications and may have you stop certain medications prior to surgery.

  • An incision is made in the buttock’s center crease, called the sacrum. The muscle area is exposed, a pocket is created and the implants are inserted. The incision is closed with sutures, and covered with a bandage.

  • There is some discomfort, but it is managed with oral pain medication prescribed by Dr. Jugenburg. You will be required to avoid sitting as much as possible, and to spend a lot of time lying on your stomach.

  • Generally, the procedure takes about 2 hours.

  • It depends on the type of work you do, but most patients can return to work in about 2 weeks. If you have a physically demanding job, it may take longer.

  • The procedure requires that you avoid normal activities anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

  • Optimal results are usually achieved within 2 months following surgery.

  • The incision with buttock implants is made in the buttock’s center crease, so there will be minimal visible scarring.

  • Many patients elect to have liposuction and fat grafting at the same time as their implants. You can discuss this with Dr. Jugenburg during your consultation.

  • As with all cosmetic surgeries, there are some risks involved. These risks include bleeding, infection, swelling, and blood clots, but they are rare.

    With butt implants in particular, we stress the importance of following our post-surgical instructions and absolute avoidance of sitting or bending over, as this would most likely lead to complications and removal of the implants.

    Our operating suite is state-of-the-art, and we do everything we can to minimize the risks associated with surgery. Most importantly, Dr. Jugenburg and his team have various protocols in place to prevent complications from occurring.

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