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Chin Implant Surgery

For many men and women, a simple change to the shape and protrusion of the jaw can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the face. For men, a pronounced jaw is generally considered to be more masculine, and so many men seek out chin implants surgery with Dr. Jugenburg in order to improve the contour of their chin and create a silhouette that is more classically handsome.

Women may seek out chin implant surgery in order to add greater definition to a weak chin. For women who experience a receding chin, the lack of definition in the jaw area can be debilitating to self-confidence, but with Dr. Jugenburg’s chin implant surgery, the contour of the chin as well as personal confidence can be restored.

In order to create a perfect balance of facial harmony, Dr. Jugenburg often performs chin implants surgery in tandem with cheek implants and rhinoplasty surgeries.  During chin implant surgery, synthetic implants are placed within the chin area, resulting in an improved facial contour that looks completely natural. Enhancing the jawline can also provide greater balance to other parts of the face, including the nose.

Chin Implant Surgical Techniques

Chin implants can be inserted into the jaw area in two different ways:

  1. 1).

    Inserted through the mouth

  2. 2).

    Inserted externally through a small incision under the chin

When inserted internally, an incision is made into the lower gum, the implant is inserted, and the area is usually fixed together with sutures. The primary advantage of using this method is that there will be no visible scar. During the external procedure, an external incision is made and the implant is then inserted and the wound is fixed with sutures. The benefits of this method include less chance of infection and also less chance of the implant moving. Dr. Jugenburg will discuss your objectives for having chin implant surgery thoroughly in order to determine which method is best for you. Using either method, the whole procedure should take no longer than one hour.

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Your personal chin augmentation consultation

Deciding to have a cosmetic surgery procedure is both a personal decision and one that must be well informed. At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we believe in total transparency and providing our patients with every detail about chin implant surgery before they make a commitment. During your personal consultation with Dr. Jugenburg, you will discuss every element of the chin implant surgery, from the necessary preparations that you need to make, right through to aftercare. You will be able to tell Dr. Jugenburg about what you want to change, and how you want to look after the surgery. The meeting will also provide you with an opportunity to raise any questions and concerns that you might have about the surgery, and to meet the clinic’s qualified and experienced support staff.

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Chin Implant Surgery FAQs

  • If you have a receding or weak chin and this is making you feel unconfident about your overall facial harmony, you could be a suitable candidate for chin enhancement. Not all people with weak chins, however, are suitable for this procedure. People with a lot of space between the nose and lip may not be suitable candidates as chin implants could result in an unnaturally long face. The thickness of tissue over the chin may also affect suitability as a candidate. In your consultation meeting, Dr. Jugenburg will assess the current structure of your jaw in order to determine your suitability for chin augmentation.

  • For 2 weeks prior to surgery, you will need to stop smoking as this can thin the blood and cause complications during surgery. You may also be required to stop taking certain medications and supplements for the same reason.

  • Recovery from chin implant surgery is typically fast and uncomplicated. You will have some discomfort for a few days following the procedure which will mean that you will not be able to eat solids or brush your teeth, but you will be supplied with an oral rinse to ensure that the affected area is kept as clean as possible. You should be able to return to work 1 week after your surgery.

  • Your scarring will depend on your choice of an oral chin implant or an external chin implants. If you decide on an oral chin implant, you will have no visible scarring, and if the implant is placed externally there will be a small scar on the jawline. Dr. Jugenburg appreciates that cosmetic surgery patients wish to have minimal scarring, particularly when the incision is made on the face, and he is highly skilled at minimizing the visibility of all scars.

  • As with all cosmetic surgeries, there are some risks associated with having chin implants. Infection and moving of implants becomes more of a concern if you opt for oral insertion of your jaw implant, and other risks include bleeding and numbness. In the unlikely event that a complication does occur, Dr. Jugenburg and his team of support staff will nurse you back to full health.