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Hear what our happy patients have to say.

Dr. Martin Jugenburg has developed a reputation for the quality of his work and for his caring and approachable personality. Below are actual patient testimonials and reviews, taken from various doctor rating website, emails, and thank you cards we receive at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

We place a premium on quality.  From the initial consultation, through your surgical day, and following your surgery, we take pride in the quality of care and attention we pay to you and your needs

Dr. Jugenberg was straightforward from the get go and assured me that we could easily achieve exactly what I wanted.

After only 2 appts I was more than comfortable and ready to proceed. The surgery was performed right in the Royal York hotel and my husband and I were given a wonderful complimentary recovery room down the hall.

The staff was beyond helpful and Kim (rn) was constantly checking on me post-op. Dr. Jugenburg and Kim were at my door at 7am to make sure I was doing well. I had absolutely NO PAIN! I’m at a week post op and have already returned to work full swing!

My breasts look unbelievable already getting compliments from family friends & strangers!

Thank you Dr.Jugenburg!

I originally went to Dr. Martin Jugenburg to discuss having a forehead lift which had been suggested by two other plastic surgeons.

Dr. Jugenburg was gentle, thoughtful and very patient. He answering my endless questions about various facial surgery options. His staff were equally as professional and very friendly. I’m in my early 50’s and was bothered about the wrinkles across my forehead, between and around my eyes that made me look old and tired.

Several of my friends recommended I see Dr. Martin Jugenburg as they were thrilled with the surgeries he had done on them. Martin Jugenburg suggested rather than having a forehead lift, I should try Botox injections instead. For the Botox injections he did some freezing with an icepack, he then used a tiny vibrater on my forehead while doing the injections which made it quite pain-free. The procedure only took about 20 minutes. After a week I could see a Huge difference.

My forehead is now smooth with no lines between and around my eyes. The corners of my eye brows are slightly lifted which opens up my eyes more.I now look so much more refreshed and my skin looks healthy and fresh. I was amazed by what an improvement a few injections by a Botox expert like Dr. Jugenburg could make. He did an amazing job and I’m so happy with the results I’ve already booked my next apointment to have Juvederm filler treatment. Dr. Jugenburg will use the Juvederm filler to smooth out my laugh lines and plump up my cheeks.

I highly recommend Dr. Martin Jugenburg, not only for his obvious cosmetic skills but his very kind, thoughtful and gentle manner.


Thank you for having us at your grand opening. It was a pleasure to be there.

Your clinic is BEAUTIFUL and more importantly yourself and your staff are very kind and you can tell you care a lot about your patients.

Thank you again for such a great day.

Just had another reconstructive proceedure to fix a botched surgery done by another surgeon.

Dr. Jugenburg is not only a very skilled surgeon, he is also a truly compassionate person who cares about the well being of his patients. He and his staff went above and beyond my expectations in handling my situation, were very staightfoward in explaining the possible outcomes, and I am confident that he will continue working with me until the best possible results are achieved.

Some doctors are in it for the money, Dr. Jugenburg does it to make people feel better about themselves.

it is a beautiful place and i love the idea that you get to have a surgery, then stay in a beautiful hotel for night …make me feel like a Hollywood star, you are the best and most kind heart doctor i meet .thank you again for a great day ,sorry i could not stay for 6pm one but it was a great day and your staff are so nice and helpful..look forward to seeing you and your self soon.


Dr. Jugenburg has exceptional bed side manner!

He answered all my questions and reassured me every step of the way while doing the filler treatment.
He plump my cheeks and upper lip with Juvederm which only took about 25 minutes, after the freezing.

His staff always follow up the next day to make sure everything went well no matter how small the treatment, surgical or non-surgical, as mine was. The staff is always kind and very knowledgeable about all the procedures. I only had to wait a few minutes and the staff offered me drinks and chatted so it went fast unlike other plastic surgeons clinics where I waited for over half an hour for my consult and neither the staff or surgeon apologized.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Jugenburg and his very attentive staff. They also have a very beautiful luxurious comfortable clinic but, of course, it’s the care that’s important.

THANKS DR. Jugenburg and staff!!

Dr. Martin Jugenburg and his staff are truly amazing!

Martin is very knowledgeable and definitely knows what hes doing. I had the brazilian butt lift procedure done in March 2012,
and I couldnt be more pleased.

Thank you Martin for doing such a fantastic job!!! I love my “new” bod 🙂


Hello Martin, thank you for inviting me to your open house today, I had the best time ever. Met many wonderful people.

As a client, patient and friend I wanted to tell you that you are awesome. Your impeccable bedside manner, your sensitivity to human dignity and your love of work is inspiring.
You are a spectacular practitioner and I am eternally grateful to know you. You love all your patients you care for them all equally and that makes you exceptional. Thank you.

Wishing you all the best in all you do. I love you. charm.

On the staff side of things….what a great team!!

I feel like I had angels helping me every step of the way. I truly feel they bent over backwards to make my dreams come true.

I always recommend Dr jugenburg to everyone. He’ll definatly be seeing more of me.

Thank You!!!

I had my Breast done by Dr Martin Jugenburg, And he was the best choice. I sent a family member and 2 very good friends.

They are very happy. Im looking forward to having more work done. And would only go to him..


I was considering breast enlargement for many years. It took me long time to do my research because I did not want any disappointments when it comes to the most important part of my body.

I’ve heard about Dr. Jugenburg’s good reputation from my girlfriends. But once I saw my best friend’s result, I booked a consultation with him right away.

The result I got is fantastic – my full and round breasts have no visible scars!

Thank you to Dr. Martin Jugenburg, he took a good care of me after the surgery, and made me beautiful.

Thanks a lot!

I just had a Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr. Jugenburg, and am simply THRILLED, only wished I would’ve found him sooner. He is an incredibly skilled surgeon with an artistic eye that knew exactly what I was looking for and what my body was capable of achieving with his help.

I found that by understanding his method of firstly sculpting the surrounding area then secondarily augment the butt to get the most aesthetic look in the end. I am a very fit athletic woman and trust me I workout and have done more lunges and squats that I care to admit! My body just wouldn’t build out the glute max. area (genetics).

I did my research (throughout N. America) and found Dr. J. I say with confidence that he is “THE” butt PS to see if you want the most beautiful shape under care of a highly qualified surgeon. He even teaches this method to other PS! His team is simply amazing. He has his own surgical suite in the Royal York so it couldn’t be a better choice for my recovery.

Thank you & God bless!


I just wanted to say that Dr. Jugenburg is an amazing surgeon!

I had a tummy tuck done by him recently and it was a great experience, despite the fact that I was so nervous going in. The facility at the Royal York Hotel and his staff are truly top notch. I felt well taken care of throughout the process and I am thrilled with the result. I only wish I had done it sooner!

You, are amazing! I tell people all the time about my work and how much of an incredible P/S you are… And a perfectionist! (I have to hold back not to show “my work” -the fiancé get a little testy!) Lmao (they are too perfect!) Its hard not too!

i just want to say the clinic it self is great the staff (sarah) the nurse(kim) you guys are wonderful dr Jugenburg is amazing… i cant thank you guys enough for everything you have all done for me…. thank you again …Rebecca Shields


This was written on :April 25th, 2012 6 weeks ago I had the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done by Dr.Jugenburg and I can honestly say that I have no regrets.

My experience with Dr.Jugenbury and his staff especially Sarah and Kim was fantastic. Prior to selecting this doctor I met with approximately 4 others in the GTA area and no one compares to Dr.Jugenburg. Him and his staff are very well informed and courteous.

I had 3 consultaions with him and he was always very prompt, patient and pleasant. Sarah answered my million questions on a daily basis for weeks. Kim was very kind, welcoming and always got back to me promptly.

I am still healing but I can say that I am thrilled with my results. I always had an hour glass figure but I had no booty but now I have it all thanks to Dr.Jugenburg. It’s worth the money and if you are considering this procedure with Dr.Jugenburg and are able to do it: GO FOR IT!

Dr. Jugenburg is an amazing ethical…and humanitarian person. He is on emergency call to some Toronto hospitals.

I had a complication from surgery which I had done in the U.S. and the hospital I went to called him and he took time out of his weekend to help. Most surgeons would never want to deal with complication from another doctor. God bless this person. I was so happy after treatment that I will now consider using him exclusivly for any future medical procedures since I am a native canadian but do spend about 6 months a year working in the U.S.

Thank you doctor Jugenburg.

Frank Galata


I had a Vaginoplasty (Vagina Tightening) done by Dr. Martin Jugenburg in December, 2011.

When I saw the Dr. for my initial consultation, I actually saw Dr. Jugenburg, not a nurse or consultant. He answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable.

The procedure went well and the recovery was short and easy. I am very happy with the results. I recommend Dr. Jugenburg without any hesitation. He is an incredible surgeon.

Thank you Dr. Jugenburg and all your staff.

Amazing Dr Jugenburg did an amazing job on my breast implants and breast lift I havent seen implants done so naturally,considering they are 600 cc high profile Thank you Dr Jugenburg You have brought my new me so much happiness

I was referred to Dr. Jugenburg by my best friend.

Her results are amazing and I want the same for myself. I had just seen the doctor and I am so excited. He spent the time with me, showed me his before and after and explained the job to me.

I feel great, and excited! Can’t wait to get it done.


Words can’t express how well trained and well mannered Dr. Jugenburg and his staff is.

They deserve a 5 star rating because they went beyond and above

Dr. Jugenburg and his staff offer outstanding services! I have had two surgeries categorized as “below the waist procedures”.

I am very happy with the result! I was dealing with a lot of discomfort while exercising, walking or just wearing any piece of clothing. Dr. Jugenburg explained the procedure to me with confidence that put me at ease with the whole process.

The surgical procedure was quite advanced, but I was impressed above all with the progress that the doctor made with the second procedure. I could tell he is a very talented professional with the demonstrated ability to apply advanced techniques in his practice. The doctor also conveys a modern perspective and understanding of womans’ concerns.

Although I am from out of town, I was provided with great follow-up support after my surgeries. My discomfort is now gone and I literally feel like a new woman!

I recommend Dr. Jugenburg without any hesitation! Thank you so much for changing my life!


I saw Dr. Jugenburg for my breast augmentation.

He was a referral from a friend of mine who also had breast augmentation with amazing results. All of his staff are amazing and so friendly. When I saw Dr. Jugenburg for my consultation, he was very helpful with choosing a size, and he explained everything in detail so I knew from start to finish what to expect. When my surgery date came around, he and his operating room staff made sure I was comfortable. Before I knew it, I was out and the procedure was done!

He followed up with me the same night by phone to make sure I was doing okay. If I needed any questions answered, he was very quick to respond.

I’m very happy with my results so far and would recommend him to anyone and everyone looking for an exceptional plastic surgeon!

I had a worry free procedure!

The wonderfully pleasant and knowledgeable Dr.Jugenburg handled my breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m an anxious person and it took me 7 years before I had the courage to have surgery. Not only did Dr.Jugenburg along with his staff do an amazing job but they are super friendly and helpful. I have no regrets or complaints and would do it over again only if I had the same Doctor!! I will defiantly be back for future procedures.

Thank you Dr.Jugenburg for working your magic on me! You helped me fall back in love with my body 🙂 A true Artist!

Dr. Martin Jugenburg is the consummate professional I call him my Zen doctor.

He is thorough, patient and allows you to take as much time as you require to make your choices.


Amazing surgeon; honest, skilled, meticulous, patient, caring, communicative.

I had large round saline implants that rippled, looked very fake, and which I hated. I wanted to try going natural, and if unsatisfied with that, then something smaller & more natural-looking. He removed the old implants and was patient with my ensuing body image meltdown, which was very much exacerbated by the discovery that the previous plastic surgeon had performed a pectoral release on me. He carefully heeded my aesthetic priorities towards reconstruction, balancing my psychological impatience with the minimal critical timeline for post-explantation healing.

There is nothing impulsive or unplanned in his manner of practice, and he gathers fully transparent informed consent.

Pre-op & post-op care were well beyond the usual range of surgical practice. He goes the extra mile & is one-of-a-kind.

I wish blessings upon him forever for helping me realize a body image that is more in line with my wishes.

Dr. Js office was in contact with me each step.

From pre-op blood results to wishing me well the night before surgery and the day after to make sure I was well and comfortable.

Dr. J himself is very professional and knows his stuff. He makes me feel important, not just another pay cheque walking through the door. His appointments are always on time and he makes sure you know everything and have asked every possible question before you walk out of the door.

I would choose him again with out a doubt.


Very professional, empathetic, emotionally generous and makes one feel very at ease. Answered all my question – very patient when I kept asking more and more questions.

Staff was exceptionally attentive. The overall experience before and after surgery was remarkably satisfactory.

I highly recommend Dr Jugenburg, he is the master crafter for real.

I decided to do cosmetic surgery on my ears.

I met with a few doctors, and end up going with Dr. Matin Jugenburg. The result I got is amazing.

During my recovery Martin was very helpful, and post-surgery went very smooth. Strongly recommend.

I would highly recommend my dr because he’s a good surgeon and I’m happy with my results.I had no problems with him or his staffs. Everytime I had a question they would always answered, when I felt uncomfortable or nervous his staffs were there to comfort me as best as they can.

I would say his staffs are fast on returnig phone calls when needed during any situiation. Not coming from just me but 5 of my other friends who had the same service done by him went home happy and healed as easy as he explained.

Our healing process took 3 full days and we were up running around normally : ) thanks again dr : ) if I were to get other procedures done I would Definitely go back to him : )


I love Dr.Jugenburg.He is an incredible surgeon.I have had breast augmentation done with him few years ago.Turned out really well i got tons of compliments from ppl and randoms from Fb.They love how my boobs looks, always asked who’s my surgeon.I referred few of my girl friends to Dr.Jugenburg they thanked me for it were very happy with the result.I recently got an abs liposuction .I gotta say i have never felt so confident with my tummy.Not to mention the recovery was amazingly short.I was able to do normal activities on my second day after the surgery.No pain killer needed either.I’m so excited cant wait to see my tummy in few weeks while the bruising is slowly decreasing.I will definitely keep coming back for more works done.I love you Doc.Your tha best !!!!

I just want to start off by saying that DR. JUGENBURG is a god…. Every man and woman needs this doctor on speed dial… 14 months ago I went to a different surgeon and had breast implants done and they turned out really bad, I was so unhappy, So I started to do my homework and found Dr.Jugenburg He is very talented and well educated man….I had my breast re-done, a lift with the alloderm sling to make sure my breast wouldnt drop this time..

It has been 2 months and I can not thank him enough. Dr. Jugenburg has changed my life… My breast truly look fantastic all because of one doctor that took the time to research my case. I am a BIG fan of his work and I am almost ready to book myself in again for a mini tummy tuck and a little lipo, im so excited and can’t wait to see how everything turns out again… Way to go Doc keep up the AWESOME work…..Thxs Martin for everthing. Kim I just wanted to give you a special thxs as well for everyting, you have been a great support.


Martin Jugenburg I think a lot of women would consider enhancing their appearance if they could afford it…and if they weren’t so concerned about what other people might think.

Like I’ve always said love who you are and if there’s something you want to improve upon go for it.

This is your life. Your story. Your day. Never mind what others may say or not say. Make at least one chapter of your life a memorable one.

Surgeons like you make people more amazing!

Anyway, I am so beyond-thrilled that raising my arms doesn’t make me look like I am resurrecting half-grapefruits up out of my bra, or that leaning over doesn’t convert my cleavage into a surreal pool of visible water currents. There is nothing I can’t wear now. What a fun explosion of wardrobe opportunities.

Dr.Martin Jugenburg is an outstanding doctor! I had no experience with plastic surgery before hand, so i didn’t quite know which doctor would be the perfect for my expectation.

I chose him because many say that he is a genius in creating perfection! I’m glad and thankful i chose him! My breast look beautiful and it has only been a week! Not many doctors have the ability to make such a difference in little to no time! He is very nice and helped me as much as he could.

Thank you Doctor and your nice assistant Kim 🙂


I had liposuction of the outer thighs and lower abdomen performed by Dr. Jugenburg in March 2010. I am very pleased with the results. T

he surgery (my first surgery of any kind) was the motivation that I needed to get myself on a track to better overall health and fitness. I weighed about 155 lbs when I went in for surgery and I now weigh 128-130 lbs. I eat more mindfully now, have taken up pilates, and even started running.

Dr. Jugenburg and his staff were always very professional and helpful. Phone calls and emails were always returned promptly. As for the surgery itself, the doctor did a wonderful job on my lower abdomen and sculpting my thighs. I have been up and down with my weight (107 lbs – 170 lbs) as an adult and no matter what I did, my thighs always were an issue in my mind. My body shape has changed since the surgery and I no longer have thigh issues!

I enjoyed my experience with Dr. Jugenburg and his team.

Dr. Jugenburg and his assistant are absolutely great! I am impressed with the dedication they show in helping people.

I had labia reduction surgery about two months ago and I am very happy with the result! I only wish I did it sooner…The price was reasonable compared to what other doctors charge. At the initial consultation I say great deal of skill and care in Dr. Jugenburg’s approach and that put me at ease with regards to the surgery.

Although the recovery process took some time it was not difficult as Dr. Jugenburg and Susan provided outstanding support and follow up, even though I came from outside Toronto.

I highly recommend Dr. Jugenburg and I feel lucky to have been his patient! Thank you so much!


When I first met Dr.Jugenburg. I felt very confident to be under his care. I had been referred to him by another Cosmetic Surgeon. During the consultation he explained the reconstruction procedure that I needed to have very thoroughly.

The day of the surgery he was phenomenal! I was a little nervous prior and he reassured and made me feel totally comfortable. I am now healing so well it’s as if it never happened.

I highly recommend him to anyone needing reconstruction or interested in a cosmetic procedure. He has always followed through with what he has said and done and is highly trustworthy. He is a true, genuine surgeon, which is rare to find!


After cancer diagnosis, I had breast and nipple reconstruction by Dr Jugenburg.

From the first meeting, Dr J was confident, experienced and very kind. He is current with his procedures and very patient answering questions. My breast is beautiful! I can’t believe how wonderful I look! The results far exceeded my expectations. Tears of sadness were replaced with tears of joy! He is the most wonderful doctor I have had.

I highly recommend Dr Jugenburg…and I have already recommended him to friends and family. His great personality and sense of humour were appreciated during such a stressful time. His staff is always helpful and supportive with appointments and questions. THE BEST.

I would just like to say first that no, I don’t work for him and I’m basing this comment on personal experience.

I had my BA with Dr. Jugenburg about three months ago and I must say that he did such an excellent job. The scars are healing nicely and everyone thinks they are my natural breasts!

Everytime I had a question I got a response within 24 hours. He is VERY knowledgable and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants breast augmentation!


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The work you have done on me has truly changed my life. It’s not only the work you do but it is the relationships you create with your patience. You take time out of your busy schedule to take a minute & get to know them, and show them you care.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to you
: )

Brilliant!! Absolutely the Best!!! I had a tummy tuck and lipo.

I was contemplating the procedures for a year and a half and saw four other ps in Toronto. Any of the others either felt like high-powered sales people looking to upsell me or in a hurry to move me along, despite the fact I had paid for a consultation. Dr. Jugenburg was sooo different. He was kind, understanding, willing to answer all questions and not pushy. He is a true image of the best doctor. I felt so confident.

The surgery is in a big hospital, not a private little clinic which was great. and the results? Only 4 weeks later and I’m thrilled!! My husband and kids say I look amazing. And his work is so fab that there’s hardly a scar. Not like the horror pics out there on some websites. Oh, and his assistant Susan is incredible too! Always available to answer any question, any time!!

Seriously, it was a remarkable experience with outstanding results. He is the best!


when I was looking around. Dr Jugenburg was the only doctor to give me a realistic view.

The others tried to sweet talk. I knew after talking to a lot of doctors that he was the right choice. A year later and i KNOW he was the right choice.

Thanks doc.

Tummy tuck after weight loss and pregnancy. I had my belly flattened, muscles tightened, and a bit of lipo on the sides.

Very happy w results. Had no hesitations to send my friends to this doctor

I had my breasts enhanced in March 2010, I was recommended by a friend, and would pass this recommendation forward as well.

Very knowledgeable and personable.



: )

I would highly recommend my dr because he’s a good surgeon and I’m happy with my results.I had no problems with him or his staffs. Everytime I had a question they would always answered, when I felt uncomfortable or nervous his staffs were there to comfort me as best as they can. I would say his staffs are fast on returnig phone calls when needed during any situiation.

Not coming from just me but 5 of my other friends who had the same service done by him went home happy and healed as easy as he explained. Our healing process took 3 full days and we were up running around normally : ) thanks again dr : ) if I were to get other procedures done I would Definitely go back to him : )


I traveled to Toronto to get a Tummy Tuck done by Dr. Jugenburg. Had a great experience.

Went in for my 3 month check and I am very happy and have no qualms recommending him.

I’d been thinking of getting breast implants for a while. Then I had a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg, and he completely calmed my fears, and explained everything to me clearly. Not only that, but I was extremely pleased with the results of my surgery….my expectations were greatly surpassed.

My only regret that I didn’t go to Dr. Jugenburg sooner.

Dr. Jugenburg was extremely professional, He educated me on great information on my surgery for breast augmentation with respects to how I will feel before and after before and after, it was worth every penny.

His work has allowed me to be much more confident and more outgoing. I have no regrets with my new look.

Thank you again Dr.Jugenburg.


Plastic surgery is a serious decision and we usually have strong personal reasons to consider such drastic measures. There are also worries and risks that come from real cases of poor surgery and unexpected bad results.

I met with three surgeons in Toronto before deciding on Dr. Jugenburg. It was easy to trust him from the first appointment. There were no sale spiels, just a professional assessment and recommendations, a personalized approach based on the specifics of your situation. That seems to be his style, under promise, but over-deliver.

I recommend with confidence Dr. Jugenburg’s clinic. I am truly impressed with Martin Jugenburg’s talent for creating top quality results. The words to describe him: highly competent, talented and dedicated to delivering the finest possible surgical results and what’s most important a person with integrity.
: )

Dear Dr. Jugenburg,

Words are not enough to thank you for all you have done for me this past year.

My year began in turmoil (breast cancer) and has ended with peace and happiness thanks to you …… After my surgery in March, I hadn’t looke at my brasts as it was covered in bandage. When you examined me, I always kept my eyes closed only wanting to look in private. The first time that I could remove the bandages to shower, I was procrastinating in fear. In the washroom, I removed the bandages with my eyes closed. Looking down, I took a deep brasth. I started to cry – not tears of sadness but of joy. I screamed – It’s beautiful! and it really is. ….. I sincerely thank you for your excellent care, kindness, your great smile and sense of humour.

You have changed my life. …. You were my luckiest Google search ever!


Dr. Jugenberg is well known as a great reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon but it’s fair to say that he is more than that “He is an artist”. I am in my 6th week of recovery after a Tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction and I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Jugenberg and his wonderful staff will assist you in this life changing decision and will guide you and support you every step of the way. The nurses Kim and Grace are so kind and they will be with you before and after the surgery making you feel well looked after and they will give you all the right answers guaranteed. Sara, Stephanie and Nora will organize their schedule around yours. If you add the great facilities and your overnight stay in a beautiful room located at the clinic it will make you feel like a movie star. With all that your surgery cannot go wrong, this is a big step but once the decision is made and you see the results it’s beyond belief. This team without a doubt is the best that you could hope for and I thank them for all they have done

I can truly say that I made the right choice in finding such an experiencd surgeon who has made me a very happy patient. Highly recommend!

I recently had Breast Augmentation and Upper Eye Lid surgery by Martin Jugenberg who exceeded my expectations. I needed a skilled surgeon to correct a deformity from a previous augmentation (and subsequent removal). Throughout the weeks leading up to my surgery Kim ( nurse) reassured me and put my mind at ease with any concerns I had about feeling nervous with anesthesia and pain. I woke up feeling no pain and I began to heal quickly for days without any pain and rested as per the instructions.

Words can’t express how happy I am with the results, and how happy I made the decision to go with Dr. Martin Jugenburg. I went to three different clinics before i went to Dr. Martin and the moment I met Kim (his nurse) and started discussing my options, I knew right away I was at the right place for me, she completely put my mind as well as my insecurities at ease.

Dr Martin was is very knowledgeable he answered all my questions, he also made sure I knew exactly what was involved and what to expect. When I go for my follow-up appointments Dr. Martin and his staffs are still just as attentive as they were before my BA, the girls at the front ( Stephanie/ Nora) are great and professional.

I would highly recommend Dr Martin and his staff to anyone considering a cosmetic surgery.


I had Brazilion Butt life surgery on March 6, 2013 and cannot say enough good things about my experience. I had my surgery done at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute and Dr Jugenburg and his staff are simply amazing!

I am not from Toronto and had to fly into the city to have the surgery done. All questions and concerns through phone and email were always answered promptly. When I arrived at the clinic on surgery day, I was greeted by Dr Jugenburg’s wonderful staff. Kim is the sweetest lady I have ever met and I was immediately at ease! Kim also answered my questions via text when I was 2 weeks post op… So great! Nurse Grace was also so sweet, caring and helpful! I have never felt so taken care of. My husband and I were both so impressed! Dr Jugenburg is MAGIC! He was very kind, professional, and I felt completely taken care of!

I am 3 weeks post op and the results so far are absolutely wonderful, I couldnt be happier! I love my new bum and shape! 🙂 Yes, days following the surgery are uncomfortable but very bearable! I have absolutely no regrets about choosing Dr Jugenburg and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great surgeon!

Thank you so much to Dr Jugenburg, Kim, Grace and Sarah for the great experience!
: )

I decided to use Dr. Jugenburg after researching many clinics including the local one in my town. I found Dr. Jugenburg and his staff to be soo helpful and friendly. They always returned e-mails and phone calls quickly and helped with all of the arrangements for my surgery, including my room.

I did one consultation visit and I knew right away they were the ones to help me through my journey. He had excellent reviews, was very accessible on-line. Was just amazing in person! And had the most friendly professional team available! His clinic was modern, clean and bright. Just meeting him was the dream experience. I especially liked not having to go to a filthy hospital to have the procedure done. It felt very safe, caring and comfortable.


Tomorrow is my dr visit 6 days since surgery. I have an extensive amount of bruising at back of both thighs with swelling and intermittent burning and pain in right calf. My right leg is more swollen and i have a tugging sensation three quarters up my leg when i move to get up or move my leg to assist in getting on bed, toilet couch ect. My feet are cold internally, despite me wearing two socks, but pedal pulses strong and feet are only cool to touch. I can wiggle my toes without issues, and i am walking; although tricky and sore. I am managing with limited knee bending due to swelling. I may have been over zealous with the massages my doctor told me to do or it may be just the way I heal. I wanted to add to this post in case anyone goes through this they can compare notes. Will update more after appointment tomorrow. Olive

Had surgery done at the Royal York Hotel clinic 2 weeks ago.

I decided to go with Dr. Jugenburg because I felt confident in his ability. He is very confident and for a good reason!! Kim (patient coordinator) is genuinely nice and extremely patient. She let me take all the time I needed to make up my mind and was there every step of the way. The complimentary room included with surgery is a big bonus. I had 3 in-person consultations with him before deciding to book surgery. What I liked about him: He is truly a very, very skilled surgeon.

My surgery went SO smoothly. I had no bruising, which I did NOT expect because I bruise like crazy from just a needle! He made me feel comfortable on the day of surgery which was very reassuring because I was a nervous wreck.

Recommend him 100% now that I’ve had surgery 🙂

I’m 54 yrs old and decided to have a lower face and neck lift with fat transfer to cheeks.
I had lost a significant amount of weight in the past two years and was left with turkey neck and hollow cheeks .

I had my surgery Aug 8th and I am thrilled by the results. It took two weeks for the bruising to disappear and the swelling a few more Iam thrilled by the outcome I look natural and 10 to 15 yrs younger. I don’t look pulled most of my friends just think I look well rested and no one has noticed anything unusual about me lol. It has been 10 weeks postop and so far the fat transfer has been successful.

My cheeks are fuller and decreased wrinkles. My neck is looking good and I will return in January for a checkup.i will keep you updated


Dr Jugenberg is kind and skilled very professional. His nurses and office staff are so helpful and friendly.

I had my surgery right there at his clinic and it is very professional and the latest equipment Afterwards my girlfriend and I stayed right there in a room in the Fairmont Royal York Dr Jugenberg checked on me in my room when we had a question about my dressing and we just had to go back to the office downstairs in the am.

I can’t say enough about Dr Jugenberg and his wonderful staff I highly recommend them.

My experience at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute has been an exciting and rewarding journey. I recently underwent buttock augmentation surgery ( butt implant procedure) and I am thrilled with the aesthetic results. Dr. Jugenburg’s high quality of care is coupled with excellent bedside manner, rapport and unparalleled technique and skill. He welcomed all my questions and candidly and thoroughly discussed the procedure with me. I was always at ease and very comfortable discussing my goals and concerns as we reviewed the risks and side effects, realistic results, and recovery; I felt that Dr. Jugenburg genuinely cared about my concerns and custom-tailored the process to best meet my individual needs.

During my two consultations he was sensitive and understanding as he professionally offered alternatives and ensured I was never pressured to undergo surgery. Moreover, the clinic staff are all exceptional, providing unsurpassed patient care. In particular, Kim is an invaluable asset to the clinic who conveys genuine concern for patients.

Throughout the entire process, Kim was exceedingly helpful and caring. She even provided me with a cell number following my surgery and insisted I call her at any time with my questions or concerns. It was apparent that the optimal surgical care did not end with the surgery as the superior level of care has remained consistent during postoperative care and my follow-up visits.

Consequently, I want to thank Dr. Jugenburg and the rest of the staff for their outstanding service. The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute has exceeded all of my expectations; I would highly recommend Dr. Jugenburg to anyone considering plastic surgery.


Hey all, this is my first review, so bear with me….

The Consultation: I started looking into a cosmetic procedure about a year ago to get back my shape that I had before having a child in 2002. I opted for the Brazilian Butt Lift, as I felt it would give me dramatic results and reshape my butt into what it was during my early 20s. After much research and a few consultations I decided on Dr Jugenburg, based out of downtown Toronto. He had many favorable reviews on here and other message boards, plus his work really speaks for itself. After my initial consult, I was totally conviced he was the doctor who could help me achieve the results I was going for. I brought in photos of what I wanted my butt and waist to look like. He was very realistic in what could be done and how dramatic the difference would be. Definitely didn’t try to sell me any dreams. He was very knowledgeable, patient with me, answered all my questions fully, and really put my mind at ease (I was a bit nervous cause I’d never had any cosmetic surgery and even a simple flu shot scares me LOL).

The Surgery: I booked my surgery, and 3 months later I went under the knife. I did it in the hospital because of the large volume I was having liposuctioned. I felt pretty weak and tender after I woke up from the anesthetic, but I was out of the hospital within a few hours and back home. The Recovery: The recovery wasn’t too bad, the incisions were so tiny I could barely notice them. He gave me the appropriate painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds which really helped out with the soreness and swelling. I was able to resume work, exercise, and various daily activities within about 3 weeks to a month.

My Results: I AM THRILLED. So happy with the way my body looks now. My waistline is so much smaller, I have virtually no back fat left on me, he even got rid of the dreaded bra roll LOL. And the booty!!!! Its exaclty what I wanted. My butt is so nice and round now, its way higher up, and could give Beyonce or Nicki Minaj a run for their money 🙂 I get compliments all the time….people can’t really put their finger on what looks different but they all keep saying I look great and must be working out hehe. And that’s what I like the most, you can’t tell I’ve had any work done, but the difference is very significant. All in all, it was a great experience, Dr Jugenburg is a phenomenal surgeon with a great eye for detail and an artistic flair for making women look their best. His staff, particularily Kim, Nora and Grace made my first cosmetic surgery experience so pleasant and wonderful. My only regret is that I wish I’d done this sooner!! I’d recommend his clinic and this procedure to anyone. In fact, I just booked my breast augmentation with him for Feb. If you’d like to see photos or ask me anything privately, I’m open to chatting 🙂 xo


Dr Jugenberg is kind and skilled very professional. His nurses and office staff are so helpful and friendly.

I had my surgery right there at his clinic and it is very professional and the latest equipment Afterwards my girlfriend and I stayed right there in a room in the Fairmont Royal York Dr Jugenberg checked on me in my room when we had a question about my dressing and we just had to go back to the office downstairs in the am.

I can’t say enough about Dr Jugenberg and his wonderful staff I highly recommend them.

I just had my augmentation and lift performed by Dr. Martin Jugenburg of the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto and I am so incredibly happy with the shape and look of my breasts and it is only day 5! I have been prescribed pain medication by Dr. Jugenburg however, I have not taken in since my procedure. I have been feeling absolutely NO pain (only moderate discomfort which is getting less and less each day) which is very unlike what I have read online from other women with the same procedure.

My breasts have near full feeling back and they look beautiful. My boyfriend and best friend love the way they look as well… My best friend is now so excited about them that she has set up a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg for a breast augmentation as well! I am so happy that Dr. Jugenburg understood exactly what I wanted and recommended the lift as well as the augmentation because had I not gone with the lift my breasts would be very saggy with the implant.

The staff at The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute was so kind and friendly, they have been so genuinely excited for me and my augmentation and they follow up with me to make sure I am doing okay and that I know what to do in order to help the swelling decrease. I was very nervous that I would not be able to achieve the perfect bust because of my natural breasts being uneven and very un-perky, however Martin is incredible and he has done a fabulous job on my breasts they are exactly what I wanted. When I went for my very first post op check-up I was given a sports bra by Victoria’s Secret which is an adorable touch. I like that they put the effort in to make my recovery as comfortable (and cute!) as possible .
I would recommend Dr. Martin Jugenburg to anyone who is looking to have this surgery & I am especially excited for my best friend to have her implants done by him as well!


I decided to use Dr. Jugenburg after researching many clinics including the local one in my town.

I found Dr. Jugenburg and his staff to be soo helpful and friendly. They always returned e-mails and phone calls quickly and helped with all of the arrangements for my surgery, including my room. I did one consultation visit and I knew right away they were the ones to help me through my journey. He had excellent reviews, was very accessible on-line. Was just amazing in person! And had the most friendly professional team available! His clinic was modern, clean and bright. Just meeting him was the dream experience. I especially liked not having to go to a filthy hospital to have the procedure done. It felt very safe, caring and comfortable.

I’ve always been a bit ‘top-heavy’ but thought cosmetic surgery wasn’t for me. After many years of wondering, I decided to look into it and started by reading the many reviews of Toronto plastic surgeons. Dr. Jugenburg seemed highly recommended so I decided to visit his clinic for the free consultation. Had a good feeling right away after meeting his staff, all were very kind and compassionate. Dr. Jugenburg himself was very pleasant and answered all my questions. There was no pressure whatsoever to book an appointment and he invited me to visit again if I had further questions. I booked my surgery shortly thereafter and had several follow-up conversations with his staff, both in person and via phone and email. The surgery itself went far better than I expected, with little discomfort. I’ve had one follow-up appointment so far and I’m very pleased with my results. I’m looking forward to wearing some new clothes this summer!

I’m quite particular with regards to customer service in all fields. I honestly can’t think of a single negative. I was never rushed or made to feel that I was ‘just another client’. All my questions were answered. Dr. Jugenburg and his staff were friendly, relaxed, unhurried, knowledgeable and professional. This experience was excellent.


Hello, I live in a Northern community (Thunder By, Ontario).

I am 31 year old mom, I am 5 foot 9 and 145 pounds. I was always small in the chest (34b) but when I turned 30 I went down to an A cup. I have a twin sister who had 2 small children. She had been a D cup for over 6 years, as have all the other women in my family. I always felt like the odd gal out. I had a hard time dressing to look feminine and just didn’t feel like a real woman. I decided I wanted curves, so I started researching like a mad woman on all of my options. I interviewed women who had breast implants and what their experience was like, any tips and what the warranty was on their investment. All fingers pointed to going out of town. I visited 2 clinics in Toronto and found Dr. Jurgenburg’s to be the most comfortable, the most beautiful and the staff was the most friendly and professional than all the rest. I researched size and struggled with the amount of CC’s for a long while. I knew I wanted Saline because it had been on the market the longest, and I knew I wanted the incision under the breast fold so it was easier to hide and had the shortest recovery time. I went in thinking I wanted 300 CC’s. I left after sizing with Kim, wanting 500CC’s. No one drew any marker on me or touched me which was something I was nervous about. I didn’t want to feel judged or inspected and none of that happened. It was such a comforting sizing with Kim. It felt like two women trying on on new bra’s and having fun.

My boyfriend and I arrived in Toronto the day before surgery for my last fitting. The clinic ordered me 550 CC Implants because they were going under the muscle where they would get squashed smaller. The 550’s would give me the look I wanted. On surgery day I picked up all my meds and went to the clinic right in our hotel. I cried I was soo nervous. Kim was wonderful, and so was my boyfriend. Before I knew it I was in my room again recovering. I was afraid to take the oxi’s so I took the T3’s which was a big mistake! I was ok when I was laying down but when I went for my first shower I was so shacky and in so much pain I almost fainted. Thank goodness for my boyfriend being soo supportive. I talked to Kim that night and started taking my meds the right way. Take your pain medication the way Kim said to! They give you Oxi’s for a reason! I was very sore and uncomfortable and weak for about 3 days after surgery. The clinic lent us a wheelchair so we could still go out while in Toronto. I went for a follow up the day after surgery and got a lesson on massage and support for pain relief as well as comfort. I went from being an A cup to a DD overnight, 550 CC are big and they can be uncomfortable at first..


This is a message I wrote to Dr. Jugenburg 5 months after my surgery. I wanted to post it on Dr. Martin Jugenburg reviews so that everyone can see how happy I am.

Hi Dr. Jugenburg I just wanted to again tell you I how Happy I am with my Brazilian butt lift!! It’s been 5 months and I love my shape. I’m getting into really good shape and I’m starting to see abs! I never would have been able to achieve that before because of that stubborn fat that was so hard to get rid of. I love the shape I now have in my waist and I love my bum.

I Honestly think your amazing and I will tell every person I know that is interested in any cosmetic surgery to come see you. I was looking in the mirror at myself and was thinking, wow I look good lol. So I wanted to write you 🙂 Not only are you amazing but your staff is as well. Please tell Kim I say hi! I love her.

Hope you have a good day. 🙂

It has been 6 weeks after my breast reduction, and I am thrilled with the results, unbelievable, amazing results,minimal scars, beautiful closure, balanced, levelled nipples, Dr. Jugenburg is a great surgeon, I am so thankful to his skills and talent.

I feel great, I went back to my routine activities few weeks ago, I still wear my sports bra for support, my scars are beautiful , they look like small scratches…:)), I get compliments especially from my husband that I look amazing..

if you can reach Dr. Jugenburg just contact him for any kind of procedures he is the best…the best….honestly the best…
[email protected]

thanks! I actually want to share my recovery experience with everyone, I am now three weeks after my surgery, I feel great, my incisions are healing perfectly, some of the scars are sealed 100%, to be honest dr. Jugenburg’s technique in suturing and even the whole procedure left me with balanced, levelled nipples, amazing breasts, I am so happy with my results, thrilled, I even started shopping for clothes….:).my family members told me that I look younger … I used to be 36 E, now i am still swollen, but I will be big C, which is fabulous … I am so happy that I chose Dr. Jugenburg, he is the best surgeon ever, truly unbelievable surgeon…i recommend him 110%…..


I am a lucky patient who was taken care by Dr. Jugenburg (a very talented surgeon) and his amazing, caring fabulous staff. I had a breast reduction on oct.09/12 by dr. Jugenburg, and everytime I think about the care and the results I get emotional and teary. Dr. Jugenburg was so professional, attentive, competent, efficient, caring and unbelievable skilled surgeon, I was provided with all the information, instructions and most important the art of caring by dr. Jugenburg and his amazing staff.

The results are beyond description, the incisions are amazing, the pain was tolerable, the follow up care was extraordinary, and I recommend him for every procedure.

Dr. Jugenburg thank you for changing my life, my family’s life and making a difference in it, I struggled with my breasts for years, I never enjoyed wearing an outfit or even shopping for outfits and bras, I am so happy and thrilled for a new start in my life, and without you and your talent I wouldn’t have this second chance in life, honestly!!! Thank you very much, keep up the great work!!!

Kim, Sarah, Norah, and Maggie you are all such great people with big hearts, I am so lucky to get to know you.
Do not hesitate to make a contact with him or his staff and you will get a professional, warm, caring and fast respond

I have only positive things to take away from this experience. Prior to surgery every detail was taken care of smoothly, my healing progressed without incident, and the results speak for themselves. I did some online research while searching for a plastic surgeon, and am so grateful that I went to him first. Dr. Jugenburg performed a breast reduction and lift on me three months ago, and I am so happy with the results! His attentiveness and patience as I discussed with him the direction I wanted to go were very much appreciated, and he was so intuitive about what would flatter my body, I am amazed by how great I look and feel. It was genuinely a positive experience for me from start to finish, one that I now wish I had done sooner, in no small part thanks to his amazing staff. The ladies at the clinic were encouraging and always ensured that I felt at ease, it really felt like I had an entire team in my corner! The professionalism, warmth, and respect for my dignity were provided at the highest standard, I couldn’t thank them all enough!


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