Through our Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and other social media accounts, we are able to educate future patients on what exactly goes on during their surgery and prepare them by giving proper expectations on pre-op and post-op care as well as final results. Photos and videos posted on social media may be used to inform others about the Clinic’s services, in addition to educational purposes. This also assures transparency and gives the public an in-depth, behind the scenes look into the sometimes ‘mysterious’ world of cosmetic surgery. Through Dr. Jugenburg’s thorough, detailed, engaging and passionate explanations, he breaks down popular stigmas and misconceptions and answers live medical questions from med students to colleagues to curious followers. He educates and shares with the public on all aspects of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jugenburg is known for ‘keeping it real’ and will not shy away from showing every angle of cosmetic surgery even when it is not as ‘pretty’. Through our presence on social media, we hope to educate the public with an honest and in-depth understanding of every part of what we do, as well as inform others about the Clinic’s services.

Our Patient Consent Process

Promises To You

We will ALWAYS cover the patient’s face (unless the patient consents otherwise) and have the option to cover tattoos and other identifying features as well.
We will never show any part of a patient if they have not filled out a social media consent form.
We have staff specifically dedicated to ensure that all our patients featured on social media have consented properly and emphasize that there is no pressure to be on our social media, it is still the patient’s surgery and we will always strive to make them as comfortable as possible.
If you have any inquiries about our social media or social media consent process, please email info@torontosurgery.com to be put in touch with our social media team.

Patient education and Transparency

In the medical field, transparency is crucial. Through his social media presence, Dr. Jugenburg is able to genuinely address potential concerns, anticipate questions and empower our future patients with the knowledge they need about cosmetic surgery. Social media allows us to interact with future patients even before they come in for a consultation and provides a platform to educate anyone who would like to learn more about the world of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jugenburg strives to provide an educational, interactive forum that creates confident, informed patients who will be able to ask educated questions when they come in for a consultation.

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