Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute Team

These are the people that make SixSurgery the #1 destination for Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic treatments

The staff at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute have been carefully selected as the best in their respective fields. They have years of experience working in the Cosmetic Surgery industry and have all the requisite professional certifications. The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute has a very thorough recruitment process to ensure the highest quality patient care, and each applicant must pass Dr. Jugenburg’s stringent screening requirements before being hired. Some of the criteria staff must fulfill are as follows:
Board certification in their specialty
Membership in their respective professional association
Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Continuing Medical Education to keep up to date with the latest advances in Medicine
Founder and Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Martin Jugenburg a.k.a. 'Dr. Six' has been a household name in the plastic surgery industry for over a decade as one of Canada’s most renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Dr. Jugenburg and his distinguished team have the education, surgical finesse, and experience to ensure you get world-class surgical care with the best possible aesthetic result. 

During this time, Dr. Jugenburg had the opportunity to learn from some of the best, most accomplished Plastic Surgeons in the United States.
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Rose Makerewich is a board certified plastic surgeon, with dual certification by both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She completed her surgical training at Western University, and holds a fellowship designation from the University of Toronto. Dr. Makerewich received further extensive training from esteemed plastic surgeons in the United States and Europe on the latest techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, thus her patients can be assured that her expertise is well rounded and in accordance with international practice standards.
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Catherine Haywood is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Toronto, Canada.  Catherine Haywood  graduated from the University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia) with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 1991. She then graduated from McGill University Medical School in 1995, and completed Fellowship residency training in Plastic Surgery at the University of Toronto.
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Thomas Constantine is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Toronto, Canada. He is a graduate of both McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and Plastic Surgery Residency Program.

Dr. Constantine is also fellowship trained under other world-renowned surgeons. He completed a fellowship in breast and reconstructive microsurgery, a lymphatic and advanced microsurgery both in Taiwan and an aesthetic surgery fellowship in Paris.
Managing Director
Kim Mcdonald, RN performs all our surgical consultations, although you will meet Dr. Jugenburg before your procedure. Kim has been consulting with Dr. Jugenburg since the opening of Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, and ensures all your needs are taken care of, and all your questions are answered. Our patients love Kim’s warm and personable nature which make her an excellent source of comfort throughout your surgical journey.
Director of Administration & Patient Services
Rameetha is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for both staff and patients. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to personalized care, Rameetha ensures a seamless and delightful experience for every individual seeking transformation at Six Surgery.
OR Nurse
As our Operating Room Nurse at Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Victoria makes sure that our OR runs smoothly and efficiently. She will introduce you to the operating room on your surgical day and will ensure that you are comforted and calm right up until your anesthesia! She will be right next to you during the whole surgery assisting Dr. 6ix with anything that’s needed.
Siobhan Messina
Clinic Manager and Patient Care Coordinator
With almost 20 years in the plastics and cosmetic field, Siobhan brings a wealth of knowledge to the clinic!  She makes sure all our patients are well informed and dedicated to meticulously coordinating the pre-op period and finances, with precision and care.
BA, Clinic Manager
DR. Indu
Patient Pre-Screen & Hair Transplant Coordinator
Surgical Booking Coordinator


While we never hope to push them to their limit, our nurses are capable of handling any medical situation. The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute employs nurses who are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and have trained and worked in hospital ICUs, Emergency Departments, and Operating Rooms. In fact, most of our nurses have worked in the Operating Room for over 10 years and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the highest standard of care.


You will be in good hands while you are asleep. Anesthesia services are provided by the Anesthetist Group from Humber River Regional Hospital. This is a large group of highly trained and experienced, board-certified Anesthesia specialists with extensive experience in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Martin Jugenburg has worked with them for several years.

These specialists are experts at keeping you comfortable and pain free during your surgery. State of the art monitoring devices and their many years of experience with some of the most complex cosmetic surgery procedures ensure that you are in good hands while asleep.
Take 60-Second Assessment
We are always available to answer any questions, to see you and to talk to you. There is a live person reachable 24/7 to answer your questions or relieve your concerns.
It is this attention, in addition to the exceptional surgical care you receive from the SixSurgery Team, that makes our team one of the best teams out there.
SixSurgery, The Team You Can Trust
The staff at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute have been carefully selected as the best in their respective fields.
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