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Aging Skin

Besides the effects of gravity on the skin as we age, our skin is also at the mercy of damage from the sun, harsh weather, pollution and bad habits, all of which can exaggerate the signs of aging. How your skin ages will therefore depend on various factors, such as your lifestyle, diet, genetic make-up, and personal habits.
Our daily facial expressions, such as smiling, laughing squinting and frowning, all contribute to making wrinkles appear more prominent.
Free radicals, harmful particles that damage the skin and also cause premature wrinkles (among other effects), are produced by exposure to the sun and are present in pollution and cigarette smoke.
Smoking causes a reduction in the production of new collagen, which results in the development of wrinkles.
Other personal factors that contribute to aging of the skin include stress, obesity, and even sleep position.

We only carry what we would wear

At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, you can take steps to help your skin stay youthful and radiant through medical grade skin care. We carry only the most advanced and effective medical grade skin care products:

SkinCeuticals® by L’Oreal

SkinCeuticals® is the most advanced skin care line from L’Oreal and is the preferred brand used following cosmetic skin Treatments. Recommended by leading dermatologists (skin doctors), it is designed to improve skin health and fight the major signs of aging, whether they are natural or environmental (from sun exposure, pollution, stress or tobacco, for example). SkinCeuticals® products are backed by science and extensive medical-grade clinical testing that support their efficacy as the leading skin care range on the market.
To maintain and improve skin health, the SkinCeuticals® skin care regimen contains three fundamental elements: prevention, protection and correction:
Prevent early signs of aging by neutralizing free radicals (small particles that damage the skin) and prevent future skin damage
Protect the skin against harmful radiation from the sun by using advanced sun filters
Correct visible signs of aging in order to restore a youthful appearance to the skin
SkinCeuticals® products contain antioxidants that are used to prevent skin damage caused by environmental aggressors, such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, infrared (IR) radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke and alcohol. SkinCeuticals® antioxidants have also been proven to reverse skin damage, including fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation (dark spots).

All SkinCeuticals® products are produced in small batches, under closely monitored, sterile conditions, to ensure optimal potency and freshness.


Vivier® skincare is a comprehensive array of products to maintain the results of therapeutic skin treatments andsupport daily skin health and protection from the environment. The manufacturer Viver® is a world-class developer of products and specific regimens that are designed to leave your skin:
Even Toned
Vivier® provides clinically proven therapies tailored to meet your specific needs and maintain the health of your skin, regardless of your age. We carry skin care products at our surgical clinic as well as at our Level D Skinjectables Cosmetic Clinic, dedicated to skin care and non-surgical treatments.

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