Patient’s Bill of Rights and

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute is regularly inspected and conforms to guidelines of the Out of Hospital Premises Standards (OHP). It is the policy of our doctors, nurses and other medical staff members to respect your individuality, dignity and privacy, and to make your stay as pleasant as possible. As a patient at Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute you have rights that protect your interests. You also have responsibilities to help us to provide you with efficient, care of high quality. Together, these rights and responsibilities provide the basis for a positive, mutually beneficial patient-physician relationship. A copy of this policy is posted in the reception area and a copy can be obtained upon request.

Your Rights

Patient Responsibilities

If you are concerned about or displeased with any aspect of your care, we ask that you discuss the problem with the Director of Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Communication between you and our team is an important element in good health care. Suggestions or comments you make following discharge are appreciated.