What Can I Do To Avoid Ugly Scars?

Written By
Megan Apa
Upload on
March 6, 2015

Scars are a normal part of surgery. Nobody wants to have visible large ugly scars and that is why Plastic Surgeons close all wound very meticulously, hide them in great hiding spots, and use help of scar - reducing treatments such as silicone-based dressings.

In our clinic we use Kelocote, a silicone based cream which is applied over a healing scar to minimize the scarring process. It helps to keep the scar from being raised and helps the colour to go away. A flat colourless scar is about as invisible as a scar can get.

Scars form when any human tissue is cut or injured. It is a normal response of the body which deposits collage to form a scar. Scars then go through a growth and remodelling phases. Massage, in addition to silicone based treatments are likely the best tool to fight unsightly scars.