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Mommy Makeover Surgery with SixSurgery

The joy of becoming a mother is something most women look forward to and cherish. Unfortunately, however, pregnancy and breastfeeding usually take their toll on the female body. When diet and exercise have failed and non-surgical treatments have had no effect, these changes can often leave women feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about the appearance of their bodies.

At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jugenburg is dedicated to helping you restore your pre-pregnancy form. By combining various surgical procedures into one treatment known as a Mommy Makeover, Dr. Jugenburg can create a dramatic cosmetic transformation: full and perky breasts; a tummy that is flat and firm; and most – if not all – of those dreaded stretch marks gone. A Mommy Makeover Procedure will help you feel more attractive, confident, and comfortable with your body; it will enable you to embrace the joy of motherhood anew and beautiful.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Following childbirth, some women seem to return to their pre-baby bodies with ease, but for most women this can become an impossible task. Body changes that result from pregnancy and/or aging include weight gain, stretch marks, loss of muscle tone, sagging breasts, and many others. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures designed to reverse these effects and may include any of the following treatments:

  1. Liposuction Body Sculpting to remove and sculpt areas of stubborn fat
  2. Tummy Tuck to flatten the abdomen, tighten the abdominal muscles, and shape the waist
  3. Breast Lift to raise sagging breasts and give a youthful pertness
  4. Breast Augmentation to restore volume to breasts that have become deflated
  5. A combination of Breast Lift and Breast Implant Augmentation
  6. Thigh Lift to contour and reduce the width of the inner thighs
  7. Arm Lift to tighten the skin on the upper arms
  8. Butt Lift to raise and contour a sagging butt
  9. Brazilian Butt Lift to add volume to the butt and sculpt the waist
  10. Vaginal Rejuvenation to restore vaginal tightness and shape

Dr. Jugenburg is a highly experienced Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who understands the changes a woman's body experiences due to pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding, and is proud to offer Mommy Makeover procedures to his female patients. A Mommy Makeover could enhance your natural curves and restore shape and size of your breasts. It could also minimize fatty deposits in your thighs, waist and hips, and remove sagging skin from your waistline. At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we use the most advanced surgical techniques to achieve optimal results that will leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated after your Mommy Makeover.

Composite Mastopexy Abdominoplasty Mommy Makeover Before After

Changes to the Abdomen

The changes that occur to the female body during pregnancy are often most evident on the abdomen. All women experience normal hormonal changes during pregnancy that mainly serve to allow the abdominal wall muscles to relax (rectus diastasis) and accommodate the size of the baby as it grows within the uterus. Although some women’s abdominal tissues will return to a pre-pregnancy state, most women are left with loose, sagging skin (ptosis); disfiguring stretch marks (striae);bulging lower abdominal muscles; or possibly a combination of all of these effects. Many women also undergo a C-section (Caesarean section) delivery, or have had previous abdominal surgery, both of which can leave thick, unattractive and painful scars.

Changes to the Breasts

Many mothers are concerned that nursing their baby will destroy the youthful appearance of their breasts. However, changes in the breasts will occur during pregnancy whether or not a mother chooses or is able to breastfeed her baby. As the female body prepares for milk production (known as lactation), the milk glands in the breasts swell and replace the other fatty breast tissue. After childbirth, these glands often shrink, which can leave a loose skin envelope that lacks sufficient breast tissue to fill it. After pregnancy, a woman’s breasts therefore frequently have less fullness, tend to sag lower, and commonly develop stretch marks.

Changes to the Body Contours

Although most women are able to lose the weight that they have gained during pregnancy, many notice that they have a few persistent areas of fat on the hips, back and thighs that will not go away, despite aggressive and sustained exercise regimens and a strict diet. Many of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy result in permanent body defects such as these localized fatty deposits.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

If any of the following concerns affect you and you wish to do something about it, you may be an ideal candidate for a Mommy Makeover procedure at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute:

  1. Sagging breasts that no longer appear youthful
  2. Loose skin and stretch marks around and below the midsection
  3. Protruding abdomen as a result of stretched muscles during pregnancy
  4. Persistent pockets of excess fat anywhere on the body

The ideal candidate for a Mommy Makeover Surgery is a healthy woman of any age who has stopped breastfeeding and does not plan any further pregnancies. A Mommy Makeover is not a good idea for women who intend to have more children, as further pregnancies post-Mommy Makeover will undo all the work that has been done.

What's Included in a Makeover

A Mommy Makeover Procedure generally involved the combination of two or more surgical procedures performed in one stage; these typically include a combination of a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and a Breast Augmentation (with breast implants or Fat Transfer). However, a Mommy Makeover can also be staged into multiple surgeries and include other procedures such as a Breast Lift, Breast Reduction and/or Liposuction of the abdomen, hips, thighs and back. In some cases, a Thigh Lift, Arm lift, Butt Lift and/or Vaginal Rejuvenation may also be incorporated as well. During your private consultation at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jugenburg will work with you to design the ideal approach to address your unique needs for a Mommy Makeover.

Liposuction Body Sculpting

Liposuction Body Sculpting in a Mommy Makeover provides a safe and quick method to precisely reduce persistent (difficult to remove) fat deposits that will not go away, despite a mother’s efforts with physical fitness and a healthy diet. The best Mommy Makeover candidates are relatively young (with good skin elasticity) and have a stable body weight. Obese patients, or women with fluctuating body weight, are not typically considered suitable candidates for Liposuction.

liposuction stomach thighs before and after toronto

Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

A Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty in a Mommy Makeover removes excess fat and skin and in most cases restores weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is instantly smoother and firmer. The muscle layer is tightened, reshaping the abdominal wall, and dramatically improving its appearance and strength. A flat, well-toned abdomen and a sculpted midsection is something many mothers strive for after childbirth, but struggle to regain. Stretch marks that form during pregnancy are also frequently addressed during a Tummy Tuck.

post pregnancy tummy tuck

Breast Enhancement

A breast enhancement most often involves the combination of a Breast Augmentation and Lift, but will vary between women. These procedures are often beneficial for mothers who have seen the youthful pertness and position of their breasts diminish. Breast Augmentation restores or adds volume to the breasts and involves the surgical placement of a saline or silicone filled breast implant behind each breast or using your own fat via fat transfer during a Mommy Makeover. During a Breast Lift (Mastopexy), loose skin and glandular tissue are removed to tighten and elevate the breasts. Some women's breasts also stay bigger after pregnancy and breastfeeding, necessitating a Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) and a Breast Lift.

Composite Mastopexy Before After

Thigh Lift and Liposuction

The combination of a Thigh Lift and Liposuction removes excess skin and fat to tighten and smooth the contours of inner and/or outer thighs. Mothers who have gained disproportionate amounts of persistent fat in their thighs after childbirth are the best candidates for this procedure. An Outer (or Lateral) Thigh Lift is often performed at the same time as a Butt Lift to elevate loose, sagging outer thigh skin.

Arm Lift and Liposuction

An Arm Lift with Liposuction on your Mommy Makeover removes excess skin and fat to tighten and reduce the width of the upper arms. It is ideal for mothers who have tried exercise and maintain a healthy diet, but have been left with loose hanging skin and/or large arms after childbirth.

Butt Lift and Augmentation

A Butt Lift and Augmentation with butt implants or Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) are used to restore fuller, rounder buttocks and create the impression of a slimmer waist. A Butt Lift removes excess skin to tighten and smooth the contours of the butt, while a Brazilian Butt Lift removes unwanted areas of fat from elsewhere in the body and transfers it to the butt. For mothers who are too thin to have sufficient fat to be used, butt implants offer a safe alternative to achieving an enhanced butt.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Tightening surgery (Vaginoplasty) restores vaginal tightness and shape that has been distorted over time. The procedure involves removing stretched vaginal tissue, tightening of the vagina, and tightening of the vaginal opening. Mothers whose vaginal tissues have stretched with age and childbirth, for whom Kegel exercises have failed, and/or for whom sexual satisfaction is not what it used to be, may benefit from this procedure. A Labiaplasty in your Mommy Makeover can also be performed to reduce the size of the labia for cosmetic, comfort and/or hygienic reasons.

Recovery After Procedure

One of the benefits of a Mommy Makeover is having a combined surgery, so that multiple areas of the body are addressed, but only one recovery period is required. The Mommy Makeover recovery itself varies between women and will depend on a number of factors, such as which procedures are performed and the physical condition of the patient before surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Mommy Makeover consists of a combination of surgical procedures designed to address the physical changes that occur to the female body after pregnancy, nursing and the effects of aging and gravity. The following surgeries may be included in a Mommy Makeover procedure:

    1. Tummy Tuck
    2. Liposuction (butt, thighs and/or arms)
    3. Breast Surgery (Augmentation and/or Lift)
    4. Arm Lift
    5. Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Advances in surgical techniques and an increased awareness of the Mommy Makeover cosmetic procedures is encouraging women to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies after childbirth. A recent survey showed that in the US over 325,000 Mommy Makeover surgeries were performed on women between 20 to 39 years-old.

  • Special considerations will apply to each of the individual surgical procedures that may be performed during a Mommy Makeover Surgery. Dr. Jugenburg always discusses these with each patient during the consultation process.

  • The best candidates for a Mommy Makeover Procedure are women who have noticed permanent changes to their bodies as the result of pregnancy, nursing or aging. Ideal candidates will also have already reached their target weight and have maintained it for several months. Women should not be currently pregnant or nursing, and should wait at least 6 months after weaning before pursuing cosmetic body surgery. Since future pregnancies could have a negative impact on your Mommy Makeover results, it is important to wait until you are absolutely sure you plan to have no further children before you schedule an appointment. At your initial consultation, Dr. Jugenburg will review your health and medical history,and provide you with the necessary information to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.

  • It is important that every patient has realistic expectations with regard to their concerns and goals. If your expectations are not realistic, Dr. Jugenburg will discuss this with you during the consultation process. Surgery will only be considered if and when realistic goals and expectations can be met.

  • During pregnancy, your breasts will develop and enlarge in preparation for breastfeeding.

    After pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts will either revert to their pre-pregnancy state or possibly leave you with a deflated and sagging appearance. It normally takes about 3 months for these changes to happen, and you should wait until your breasts have stabilized (until they are not changing any longer) before planning your surgery. If you were to otherwise have your breast surgery earlier, it would be difficult to control the final result as your breasts would still be changing and may then require revision surgery at a later date. It is also important that at the time of your surgery your breasts are free from milk.

  • You will be given thorough instructions on how best to prepare for your surgery. Patients should refrain from smoking and taking any anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)and/or anti-coagulant medications or supplements (e.g., aspirin, vitamin E and garlic supplements) for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery, as these can increase the risk of complications. Important preparation for your recovery after surgery include:

    1. Organize your affairs and schedule, so that you can completely relax and rest after surgery.
    2. Make sure you arrange for someone to bring you to the clinic and to collect you after the surgery (if you choose not to stay in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel for the first night after surgery) - you will not be allowed to leave by yourself.
  • A Mommy Makeover surgery will vary in technique and time, depending on which individual procedures are being performed and the level of correction needed. Dr. Jugenburg will explain each procedure to you in more detail during the consultation process and again prior to your surgery to ensure you fully understand what the surgery will entail.

  • A Mommy Makeover Procedure takes anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to perform and depends on the number and complexity of the procedures performed, and the extent of work that is required.

  • Following your surgery, you can expect to feel a little tired from the effects of the anesthetic, and will initially experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising. Specialized compression garments will be applied to the breast and body to support your new shape, help you feel more comfortable, and to minimize swelling. You will also given a customized cocktail of medication that we use for all our patients to minimize their discomfort.

    Our unique and meticulous approach enables most women to resume regular activities within 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. To allow proper healing and to achieve optimal cosmetic results, however, it is essential that you follow the post-operative care guidelines that will be given and explained to you before and after your surgery. Any strenuous exercise (which includes sexual intercourse) should be avoided during the first 6 weeks or until Dr. Jugenburg medically clears you to resume such activities.

  • A degree of scarring after any surgery is inevitable. However, Dr. Jugenburg is an expert at creating minimal scars and will make every effort to ensure that your wounds heal beautifully. Wherever possible, he will also carefully place incisions where they are either well concealed on your body or can be easily hidden by clothing. Most women are so pleased with the outcome of their surgery that scars are not a concern.

  • There will be an immediate and obvious difference to your appearance after surgery. The final outcome will become more apparent as post-operative swelling dissipates and the body or breasts settle down during the first few months after surgery.