400Cc Breast Implants

Written By
Megan Apa
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August 25, 2014

The average size of breast implants in some clinics is 400cc , while in others the average size of breast implants is smaller. We suspect that the average in Texas, would be significantly larger but we don’t have any recent studies to support that hypothesis ( lol ).

But, what is a 400cc breast implant? What cup size will it give you? --- Well that all depends…

Breast cup size is measured relative to the chest size. For a woman who is short and has a narrow chest a 400cc breast implant will create very large cup size similar to a D or even DD cup size. Yet this very same implant on a woman who is tall and has a broader chest,may only produce a full B or a small C cup size. So keep in mind that, the letter is not really important when choosing your breast implants. What really matters is what looks good on you. It's for that reason, that we offer all shapes and sizes of breast implants at our clinic, including the 400cc implants. When our patients come in for a breast augmentation consultation, they are allowed to look at and feel any implant we have in our clinic. They are allowed to try them on to see what looks good on them. Ultimately, what you want is to look in a mirror and feel great about yourself, not worry whether or not a 400cc implant is too big, or whether a C or a D cup is what you want. Choosing the best breast implant can be nerve wracking, so let us help you.