Abdominal Muscle Repair (Diastasis Repair)

Written By
Megan Apa
Upload on
February 26, 2015

Diastasis recti, or the abnormal separation of the abdominal rectus muscles is common after a pregnancy or after a significant intra-abdominal weight gain. Both these processes act to stretch the rectus muscles out and apart. Once this happens, there is no amount of exercise or physio that will bring them back together. When the separation is small, it has minimal effect on a woman’s body. However excessive separation can have functional impacts and cosmetic impacts. Functionally, the proper dynamics of the muscles are impaired leading to an abnormal strain on the back muscles and the spine, poor posture. Cosmetic impact is a protruding belly, which in extreme cases can make you look like you are pregnant.

The image below shows a relatively mild case of a muscle diastasis which was repaired during a tummy tuck surgery


This second patient shows a more severe diastasis and subsequent repair via a tummy tuck


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