Armpit Folds - A 'Normal' Feature That Bothers Many Women"

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Megan Apa
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August 25, 2014
armpit folds a normal feature that bothers many women

For many women, skin folds that are found in the armpit area and that sit over top the breasts, are a common source of frustration. They see this as a problem area that looks unnatural and that should not be there. It's something you never see in magazines or tabloids or at glamorous photo shoots. They think; "beautiful women simply do not have these folds! They're chest and breasts are perfectly shaped and smooth."

Or are they?

When a breast is lifted or held up by something like a push up bra (Like what Jennifer Hewitt is wearing in the picture), a fold forms at the site where the natural breast volume ends and the pec and deltoid muscles cross paths- so it's completely natural and everyone has it!