Cheap Plastic Surgery: Looking For Plastic Surgery Deals?

Written By
Megan Apa
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July 1, 2022

When looking for a surgeon, a clinic, or a surgery, there are many factors that need to be taken into account.  Cheap plastic surgery is not one of them. And while price is a major concern for the predominant majority of patients, it should not be on top of your list.

First you want to consider things such as:


Does the clinic and the surgeon have a reputation for safety?  Because if you develop serious complications, the fact that you saved a few thousand dollars becomes irrelevant (and in fact it will end up costing you a lot more to have it all fixed.... assuming you can get fixed.... that's not always the case). Check there surgical credentials and if they are a fully accredited surgical facility.

Quality of results

Is the surgeon known to deliver the promised results? Check the before and after gallery of results filtered to show people just like you. Because if you do not get what you wanted, once again the fact that you got a discount is irrelevant.  Now you have to go and get it done again and guess what... you again end up paying even more.


What type of pre and post-surgical care do you get?  Understand that you don't get more for less.  Very often the clinics that offer discounted rates offer minimal if any post-op care.  We've heard of stories of patients who got a deal on a surgery.  Got the surgery and that was it.  It was impossible for them to get in touch with the clinic 'after the sale'.  We believe postop care is essential to ensure you get beautiful and safe results.  Getting a BBL is not like buying a desk.  You buy it and never see the furniture store again.  Any surgery requires postop care.  After surgery a reputable clinic will see you for follow up visits to ensure that you do not develop postop complications such as infection, wound healing problem.  That your results are properly maintained.  That's because any beautiful result can easily be destroyed in the early recovery period if the patient deviates from the postop protocols or some accident happens.  Sometimes you can catch a problem early and treat it before it becomes a serious problem.  These things are rare, but it's always better to be safe then sorry... That's why at our clinic we see all our patients regularly after their surgery, even if most visits a just a quick peak at the wounds/incisions, and I just pop in real quick to see my patients, eyeball them and leave. To make it easier, a lot of our patients actually stay at the hotel we are located in, the fairmont royal york hotel. Post op care is very important in my mind (as you can see by the very long paragraph I devoted to this ;-0)  )

Does the surgeon perform a lot of these procedures?  

Very few surgeons specialize in one particular procedure and that's all they do... thus most surgeons do wide variety of procedures .... and you want to find the one who does a lot of the procedures that you want, not just once in a while.  It's a well known fact that surgeons who perform a procedure often have better results and fewer complications that the ones that do a particular procedure occasionally.  So what is a reasonable number of procedures?  Tough to say.  In my opinion a surgeon should do the procedure you are looking for more than once a week.  And then... if you find two who do it often, if one of them does it a lot more often than the other one (I mean 50-100% more) then probably chose the one that does more.  With more procedures comes more experience, more tweaking, more refined surgical technique and safety protocols.

Look at the before and after pics

So now that you found a few good surgeons, look at their before and after photos.  Look to see whether or not you like their results.  And look for more than a few nice photos.  Anyone can collect a few successful results.  You want to see many beautiful results.  When it comes to BBL, have a critical eye because fat survival is the biggest variable amongst the surgeons.  Not all fat survives.  So all surgeons may have beautiful before and after photos right after surgery, but how many have long term after photos, that show the real final result?  You want photos that are at least 3 months after the surgery (in my opinion whatever you are left with after 3 months is not going to change).

How much is the procedure?  

So finally let's look at the money issue.  Money is a factor for 99% of the population.  But it is the last factor to consider, after you used the above factors to filter out your options.   And while I acknowledge the importance of this factor, I would like you to consider the value of what you are getting.  Is the cheaper option the better one, or is the more expensive one actually one that in the long term ends up being cheaper (because of all the additional costs of the cheaper one when you have to spend money and time to fix a botched job)?  So are you looking at the price? (how much you pay now) or cost? (the long term value). See our plastic surgery costs and fees here. The long term costs includes not only the price you pay for the surgery, but the associated costs if you have a complication: having to travel back to the surgeon's office, time off from work, cost for additional procedures to fix the problem... and the list goes on.

Most won't remember the difference between a couple thousand in a couple years, but you will always remember the difference in your appearance, and self confidence. The old saying is very true in this case, you get what you pay for.

So to conclude, you most likely will be able to find a surgeon / clinic that fits your budget. But is it a good doctor that does it right the first time?