Double Bubble Breast Deformity

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Megan Apa
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April 22, 2015

The double bubble effect is a possible complication of breast augmentation. Patients will exhibit what appear to be two parallel breast folds along the lower portion or pole of the breast. The upper fold represents the original breast fold. The lower fold represents the implant outline when the implant is sitting below the original breast pleat. In another words, you have one ‘bubble’ around the original breast, and a second ‘bubble’ formed from the implant. When the breast and implant is no longer aligned, these two "bubbles" separate into two instead of appearing as one which results in the misshapen look.

A recent article in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Dec 2013 issue) addressed this issue and described how to correct this problem.

Double bubble deformity

This image (taken from the article by Dr. Handel) demonstrates the double bubble effect. The inframammary fold has been released and the breast implant has slipped down below the level of the original breast fold. As the illustration shows, now you have two pleats, a double bubble. The treatment described by Dr. Handel is to release the constricting bands that keep the original fold and stretching of the skin. However when the double bubble fold is caused by a prominent breast glandular tissue sitting on top of the breast implant, the treatment to remove this is quite hard, since it's non-malleable tissue. In my experience, this breast shaping technique has been very effective in addressing the glandular cause of a double bubble.

In situations when the double bubble occurs because of bottoming out, the best treatment is to repair the breast fold and reposition the breast implant. When the source of a double bubble is capsular contracture, the solution is to remove the contracture and soften the breasts.

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