Finding Confidence With Your New Breasts

Written By
Megan Apa
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August 22, 2018

Cosmetic surgery has been around for a significant amount of years, but today, many women still feel the judging eye of stigma when it comes to popular procedures, like breast enhancements. After matters of price and recovery are out of the picture, the bigger concern lies in people’s reaction to the experience under the knife, an anxiety felt by the majority of women considering the surgery.

There are many stereotypes surrounding getting new breasts, some you’ve probably heard at some point or another in your life. Sadly, even in 2015, people continue to criticize and assume that all women who consider boob jobs are believed as vain or that they simply do it for male attention. They presume that all of these women, whether past or future clients, have the same unrealistic and superficial goals of mirroring a life size Barbie doll. This is the unfortunate perception in which cosmetic surgery patients are seen, even though it could not be further from the truth.

Each client is unique and their desire for breast enhancements could stem from a variety of personal reasons, some even, for asymmetrical and medical correction. Thousands of women go through the procedure every year, and the popularity and demand grows by the day- after all, it’s the # 1 cosmetic procedure in the world.


Yet, despite the numbers, many women hesitate in getting the procedure, why? Because of fear. Fear that their co-workers, family and friends will notice. But this is a common misconception; the surprising truth about breast enhancements is that if you undergo a moderate cup change, the results are so natural and subtle that people will probably not even notice! They might ask you if you’ve lost weight or changed your hairstyle instead. Feeling anxious about how other people may or may not react to your new breasts, is a completely legitimate concern since larger breasts are seen as an evolutionary advantage.

There are some factors you should consider, whether you decide to keep your experience under wraps or share it with everyone:

- Its great to keep a repertoire of what you’re going to say if someone happens to catch you off-guard with a question or unexpected comment. Cosmetic surgery can cause people to say negative or ignorant things that they often wouldn’t in a public setting.

- If you’re employed in a conservative environment where your breast enhancements may cause excessive negative judgment and hostile work situations you should take that into consideration when making your cup size decision. Aiming for a moderate increase is safer than going noticeably big, it gives you the option of downplaying your breasts if needed.

iggy azalea performs at 2015 peoples choice awards in los angeles

If you decide to be open about what you had done, all the power to you! Hip hop female star, Iggy Azalea known for her hourglass body shape recently told the press about her breast enhancements in the April issue of Shape. Her honesty and confidence on the subject was refreshing and inspiring;

“ I knew so many people in my regular life who had done it and had a good experience, and I never see any celebrities talk about it, although I know 80 percent of them have done it, too. And I wanted to kind of tell women that might be thinking about it, my experience, and that it can not necessarily be a bad thing. That’s why I did it.”

She went on to say that it was a decision that she had thought about her entire life, having been sick of sewing padding into her stage costumes and wanting to be able to wear lingerie without wiring. The starlet can’t stop raving about her breasts ever since she’s come clean to the public and her fans, encouraging women everywhere to embrace themselves.

We forget, that everyday women go through their daily rituals or routines, to change the way they naturally look. From changing hair length or colour, to replacing real nails with artificial ones the list of physical small revisions are endless! But since these changes aren't as permanent and definite as going under the knife, they go unnoticed.

In most cases, breast enhancements helped clients improve their low self esteem issues by finding confidence, strength and happiness within themselves. With all the technological and medical advances in the field, getting breast implants is extremely accessible and safe across the world (WildernessMedical). Which means that, very soon the remaining negative present-day judgement will eventually fade, and people will feel more comfortable coming out of their shell about their decisions.

If breast enhancements lead to a healthy and positive lifestyle, an improved perception of the self and new found confidence, why not be honest with your needs and consider transformation?

Sure, there will always be naysayers and opinionated people in the world, but in the end, you’re doing this procedure for no one else than yourself, so don’t let their opinions affect your decision!