Get Younger Hair With These Tips

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Megan Apa
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August 22, 2018

There comes a point in everyone’s life where their hair becomes dull, dry, damaged perhaps or thinned, unfortunately these are inevitable signs of aged hair. But don’t despair just yet-- there are solutions and they’re all easily fixable. Take years off your locks with these tips that will prevent further damage while providing nourishment and repair.

Preventing Heat Damage

Protectant sprays are your best friends when it comes to using styling heated appliances like straighteners, curlers, and yes, even blow dryers. Air drying is the best method for avoiding split ends all together, but some hairstyles just need that polished look. Protecting your hair with a spray prior to using an appliance will shield it from any damage that may occur. You’ll want to get a formula with vitamins to boost your hair’s health but also infused botanicals that won’t weigh the hair back down.

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Scalp Love

Give your scalp some extra attention because although we may not see it, it’s still an extension of our skin. Of course we all know what happens to skin with time, so you better believe that scalps need the same anti-aging treatments to keep vulnerable hair strands at bay. You’ll want to pick up a shampooing and restoring conditioner that contains revitalizing ingredients such as vitamin E, panthenol and don’t forget that coconut oil for the extra shine and smoothness.

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Fight The Frizz

Sometimes it’s better to just let the salon professionals handle the frizz storm that happens to older locks. A Frizzy mane is not only difficult to style, it also makes your hair look significantly older since it doesn’t let any shine come through.A smoothing or softening hair treatment will not only make it easier for you to work with your everyday hair style but it will also give off that glowing, healthy shine (Allintherapyclinic). Keratin treatments work wonders since they also color those peeking gray roots in the process of softening coarse and curly hair.

Hair Tool Update

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There are increasing new heated styling appliances available on the market today that offer customizable features like temperature control for more sensitive hair. Some hot tools now provide vapor technology instead with a conditioning option for extra protection. Going through your collection and giving it a fresh new update to prolong the life of your hair is a smart and rewarding investment.

Oils And Oils

Dull hair can give the illusion of maturing, especially when it turns grey and silver. While this is inevitable, there is a quick temporary fix that can help bring back the shine in your hair and that’s hair oils. You can find these oils in many forms with a wide variety of ingredients like coconut, Macademia nut, aragon or almond. Repairing elixirs from salon brands also provide a reconstructive complex to boost the health of your hair along with exuding fabulous shine.


It’s all about layers when it comes to spring trends this year, and luckily this hairstyle offers the benefit of rejuvenating the appearance of your stiff ‘do. Layers provide an effortless movement, the same type of sway you see on healthy younger hair. As the hair follicle matures, it tends to become stiff and brittle so enhancing the volume and texture of your hair is key to reverse those effects!


Thanks to thanks to thickening products like volumizing sprays, we can temporarily give off the illusion of having a healthy set of hair but finding a solution to the core of the problem is much more beneficial in the long run. If you really want to stimulate growth in your locks, you need to use minoxidill. It’s an FDA approved ingredient that you can now find in many popular hair styling lines which will help with significant hair loss. As an alternative you can also treat thinning with supplements that target the hair follicle.



Who doesn’t love a sleek ponytail? When styled and tied just right, they can look professional, classy or fun and relaxed. But did you know that fastening your hair up in a pony can also provide a temporary brow lift?  In pulling the skin while wearing this ‘do you can counteract the sagging that tends to happen during your early 30’s.

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Hiding Roots

Every woman dreads that moment where she finds the unruly gray hair. Though the average age when this happens can vary by individual, the norm seems to be around their thirties (although supermodel Coco Rocha has found her first at 25). Naturally, the desire to conceal these signs of aging have been answered with the root touch up mascara or concealing color products. An instant color swipe or spritz of spray can take years off your hair.