Secrets Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know: An Easy Cure For Wrinkles

Written By
Megan Apa
Upload on
January 14, 2015

This easy night time trick will blow you away!

Many of us never consider thinking about the way we choose to sleep at night, we just close our eyes and let our unconscious do the rest! But what if there was a link between facial wrinkles and your slumber?

The collagen and connective tissue in your face weakens with age, so your skin lacks support and elasticity. When you sleep on your side or on your stomach, your face gets rubbed and smashed against the pillow and won't spring back as it once did in your youth. Sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid wrinkles on your face!

Sleeping on your side or on your stomach will only leave imprints and deeper lines on the side resting on the pillow. This usually tends to occur around the smile lines and the corners of the mouth, but it can appear on any pressured area of the face. That extra facial pressure- nobody needs that!

woman sleeping back

Alternatively, you can opt out for buying a new pillowcase made of silk or satin materials if you can’t find comfort in sleeping on your back. These materials will glide against your face unlike the pleats and ripples formed from cotton.

Try sleeping on your back tonight, your face will thank you!