Secrets Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know: Cellulite Cures

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Megan Apa
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August 22, 2018

The desire to get rid of one’s cellulite has been an ongoing struggle with women (98%) for years upon years, and for good reason; its undesirable appearance brings on low self esteem or body issues. Having cellulite is not unnatural, in fact it is quite common, and it certainly does not signify that you are overweight since even the skinnier ladies have it.

So, naturally, many medical accessories or treatments have surfaced in the hopes of removing or diminishing all traces of cellulite from the body.

Cellulaze, is one of those treatments. Although it may appear as an easy and optimistic solution to the problem, people tend to forget that it is still a form of intensive procedure. The laser used during Cellulaze is very invasive and the chances of getting an infection are possible, even if the risks are low.

But, how does this fairly new procedure work?

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Nobody likes seeing Cellulite!

After the patient is numbed within the area, a laser tube is inserted under the skin of the affected area. The laser then gradually heats up and melts away the pockets of fat while cutting through fiber bands that cause the skin to ripple. The heat then ushers in new collagen growth, which in turn leaves the skin with better elasticity. Alternative treatments (Biotech) against cellulite such as creams, scrubs, exfoliators, are said to not address the core of the issue, but only the surface of the skin, and thus are proven to be unsuccessful.

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The Laser treatment is quite Invasive

The procedure can be quite expensive, ranging in the thousands, and the healing period can range depending on the resulting bruising. However, even this procedure is not a permanent solution to cellulite, as it can reoccur and reappear within the year after receiving the treatment!

In addition, many professional plastic surgeons have universally agreed that the results and the price tag associated with the Cellulaze treatment, are not worth the procedure. Unfortunately, cellulite continues to be a common skin enigma as even the most popular solutions can backfire so its best to save your pennies!