Secrets Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know: Tummy Tucks

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Megan Apa
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January 21, 2015

A tummy tuck procedure or in medical lingo, “Abdominoplasty” is performed to improve the appearance of the abdomen by reducing it’s size and removing excess fat and skin.

Tummy tucks are great for dealing with loose or sagging tissues from significant weight loss or in women post-pregnancy.  A tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure or a fat reduction procedure.

Due to it’s increasing popularity, especially among mothers, people have become to see it as an easy, safe and accessible cosmetic procedure. It’s no longer a stigma when clients rave to their friends on the successful results and speak of it freely and openly in their everyday conversations.

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But, despite this easy fix illusion, tummy tucks are still perceived and regarded as a major surgery by plastic surgeons. The procedure itself takes a couple of hours, depending on if it’s partial ( mini-tuck) or complete.

It can take a long period of time for your body to heal and recover, much as any surgery, from tummy tucks. This means that time off work is required in order to have a smooth recovery, and it is also recommended to suspend any form of heavy activity. After the first few weeks, the swelling goes down but it takes even longer for the puffy appearance to completely disappear on the body.  Then, you have the possibility of scarring after a year has gone by, which typically spreads from on hip bone to another. Finally, when this healing process is done, then and only then, can you show off your new shape.

Abdominoplasty pre
After having children, this woman was left with lax abdominal skin. No amount diet or exercise could tighten up loose skin. A tummy tuck is the only option in this case.
Abdominoplasty post

following a tummy tuck procedure, she now has tightened abdominal skin, her muscles are repaired, and she looks great!

Tummy tucks can provide you with wonderful results but they most definitely are not quick and easy! So before booking your procedure make sure that you’re ready and aware of the healing process and implications that come along with this surgery, as you would with any other.