Why Is Smoking So Bad For Breast Augmentation?

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Megan Apa
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December 18, 2014

Smoking cigarettes, cigars, weed or anything else related is a dangerous thing to partake in when you're involving breast augmentation ( and for all surgeries for that matter). We all know that smoking alone causes lung cancer, however there's a lot more to it.

Did you know, that, the smoke from a cigarette contains plenty of toxic chemicals that interfere with your body's ability to heal properly? Things like,  Carbon monoxide, Cyanide and the list goes on from there. The Carbon Monoxide binds with the hemoglobin in your red blood cells, to prevent hemoglobin from carrying Oxygen molecules to your cells.In a way you're literally suffocating your cells at a molecular level.

Cyanide is also an alarming chemical, it's a poison that enters your cells and stops your cellular mechanisms from using oxygen to generate energy.  This has the same effect as pouring a pollutant into the gas tank of your car.  Even though you may have gas in the tank, the engine fails, and the car eventually winds down and dies. In the same way, your cells stop producing their energy and die off.

It takes at least two weeks to clear all of these chemicals and their side-effects out of your body, which is why we ask all our patients to stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery and for two weeks after.  Not even a single cigarette.  We have all our patients sign a consent understanding the risks of smoking and stating, that if they smoke, the will not hold us responsible for any smoking-related complications.

why is smoking so bad for breast augmentation

The dangers of smoking cigarettes

Smoking weed is also not recommended. Aside from the smoke itself, weed also affects your body in a way that makes it less sensitive to anesthesia and pain medications (tramadol). In other words, someone who smokes weed requires 2-3 times as much anesthetic than a non-smoking person. Their pain pill requirements are much higher and they are more likely to have pain after the surgery (since the pain medications are not as effective).

You are spending thousands of dollars to get a new and beautiful chest. Don't ruin it by engaging in the act of smoking.