CBC Marketplace - Dr6ix

In late 2018 two CBC reporters entered our clinic falsely claiming to be seeking a cosmetic surgery while doing a story on breast augmentation consultations. They arrived with hidden and concealed microphones and video cameras to secretly record the clinic, it’s staff and Dr. Jugenburg (Dr6ix) during their fake consultation.

The primary goal of the visit appeared to be to secretly record the clinic staff and Dr. Jugenburg in order to obtain evidence of inappropriate conduct by the clinic during a breast augmentation consultation. The team was working on a story how plastic surgeons downplay risks of surgery, do not have thorough discussions with their patients, in effect to paint them as used car salesmen.

During their consultation, our nurse Kim spent a good hour thoroughly going through the entire breast augmentation consultation, describing the procedure, alternative treatments, potential risks and referred them to the FDA website for a detail information package on breast implant safety.

Their intent was to obtain evidence to support their assumption that plastic surgeons gloss over risks, downplay complications, and do not have a proper discussion with their patients. Unable to walk away with any damning footage, the CBC attempted to spin Kim’s words. They tried to entrap our staff by asking for a discount in exchange for favorable social media posts and reviews. Our staff informed these undercover reporters that we were not interested in ‘collaboration’ with them and would not be offering any ‘special deals’ for them. They persisted, trying to entrap my staff. Finally, in order to politely end the conversation, one of my staff told the reporter that if she had a million followers maybe we could talk. It was clearly said in a way to get my staff out of an uncomfortable discussion without being rude and telling the reporter to stop bothering the staff. The reporter took these words, leaving out the prior discussion and the context, and quoted Kim (in fact it was not Kim who said it), that we offer special deals in exchange for positive reviews .

During the consultation, one of the reporters noted the presence of a visible wall mounted security camera in the room. She asked about it and my staff member informed her of the cameras and their presence is for security.

CBC Marketplace then filed a second story about the security cameras. Skimming through the story and reading the sensational headlines can lead one to believe that there were hidden cameras in our clinic secretly recording patients. Fact is, the ONLY hidden camera ever present in our clinic was the one brought in by the CBC undercover reporters.

Our clinic does not have, and NEVER had any hidden cameras. We had routine, standard, wall mounted video security system you can find in any modern hospital. This video system is closed, secure, and has never been hacked, none of the footage has ever been leaked or posted anywhere. Any allegations that the security system footage was posted on social media or disclosed anywhere else is completely false. The system runs on its own, without anyone sitting and watching it. The footage is saved in the system and automatically deleted and overwritten after a timed delay. We do not keep/retain security footage.

Martin Jugenburg, MD