Asian Breast Augmentation

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Megan Apa
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August 25, 2014
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Asian Breast Augmentation is very common in Toronto, and as such Dr. Jugenburg has performed many breast augmentation procedures on asian women.

Although the surgery itself is no different than breast augmentation for a women of any other background, there is a slight difference in planning and decision making prior to the surgery.

Breast implant size selection, and incision site selection are two things that primarily differentiate asian women from others.

Asian women come in all sizes and shapes, and they commonly have a narrow rib cage. A narrower rib cage, and thus a narrower chest limits how big of an implant you can choose yet still maintain a natural look and beautiful proportions. Dr. Jugenburg will carefully measure your chest width to best determine which one of our many implants will fit you best. Once a particular width is selected, we will introduce you to a wide range of implants that can be used to give you a beautiful, natural looking result. Of course if you wish to go larger, and that is the look you are going for, we can suggest additional implant sizes that are possible for your body form.

Asian women are more likely to scar worse especially if their skin is darker. That’s why Dr. Jugenburg’s careful planning and execution means that your scars will be so well hidden that you’ll barely be able to see them. The armpit incision is one of our favourites. We have performed this incision on many of our asian patients and they almost always heal so successfuly that they don’t even look like scars. Another alternative to the incision is around the areola. If your areola is very dark, it is great for hiding scars. This approach allows for great access to the breast area and is used when the armpit incision is not appropriate. Finally, the breast fold incision. This approach is ideal for a woman who has a little bit of a droop and her breast overhangs the breast fold, thus hiding it.

To learn more about how Dr. Jugenburg creates beautiful breasts for his asian patients, book your consultation with us today!