Breast Augmentation

We all want to feel good about ourselves – to feel attractive, sexy, and able to express ourselves in any way we choose.

Whatever the breast enhancement, at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jugenburg will add size, curvature and symmetry to meticulously shape your breasts to the beautiful form you have always desired.


Redefine and enhance the beauty of your femininity

Breast Augmentation is the enlargement of your existing breasts.  Using silicone or saline filled implants, or fat, volume is added to make your breasts fuller, rounder, more attractive.  A breast augmentation is not the creation of new breasts, nor does it lift your breasts.  It simply makes them larger.

If you require a lift or a correction of an asymmetry in addition to your breast augmentation, Dr. Jugenburg will make those recommendations to you and explain what exactly would be involved in such procedures.


While there is much variation in breast shape and size, both between different ethnicities and different individuals, the constant focus in the media on models with figures that have become perceived as perfect and normal, has led many women to feel very self conscious about the appearance of their bodies. Research has shown that breast augmentation will boost self-esteem and body image, and as a result, sexual satisfaction with a partner.

Breast Augmentation surgery, also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, is the surgical placement of breast implants under a woman’s breasts. It will balance out your proportions, enhance your femininity, and allow you to confidently wear figure-hugging tops and dresses with plunging necklines.

Before and After Breast Augmentartion

Reasons for Breast Augmentation:

Increase fullness and projection of the breasts.
Enlarge a naturally small breast, most commonly the result of heredity.
Restore breast volume and/or shape lost following pregnancy, breastfeeding and/or weight loss.
Improve moderate asymmetry of the breasts.
Reconstruction after surgery to treat breast cancer (Mastectomy)

The art of achieving a breast augmentation based on the individual needs of each patient requires the expertise of an experienced and skilled surgeon. If any of the above concerns affect you, you may be an ideal candidate for surgery at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute.Having performed thousands of breast implant surgeries, Dr. Jugenburg is a highly experienced and compassionate Cosmetic Breast Surgeon with the surgical skill and cosmetic artistry to leave you a woman rejuvenated.

Understanding Your Breasts

A natural breast in women is composed of three main components that sit
above the chest wall: skin, fat, and glandular breast tissue
(milk ducts and milk-producing glands).
  • Skin

    Skin is the envelope that holds it all together. In women with minimal breast tissue (small breasts), the skin will need to stretch more to accommodate a breast implant.

  • Fat

    Fat represents the majority of volume in most breasts and is responsible for their soft and pliable feel. Gaining weight will increase your breast size, but will also increase your overall body size. Breast fat is easily reshaped by the addition of a breast implant.

  • Glandular Tissue

    Women have various amounts of harder glandular tissue in the breasts, which may not develop proportionally with the rest of the body. Breast implants can be used to add volume to the breasts, but cannot reshape the glandular tissue.


Who is an Ideal Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

The best candidates for breast augmentation are women who have all the information, fully understand what the surgery involves and its limitations, and who have a realistic expectation. Besides fundamentally improving confidence, self-esteem and body image, common reasons for Breast Augmentation are:

  • Small breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Drooping or sagging breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Changes in breast size or shape due to weight loss
  • Reconstruction after surgery to treat breast cancer (Mastectomy)

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

The benefits of breast augmentation surgery at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute may include:
  • Natural Look

    Additional volume to the lower half of the breast with a gentle upward curve towards the chest wall (the Natural Look)

  • Rounded Look

    A more bubbly, rounded (or push-up) look (the Fake Look)

  • Proper projection

    On profile, the nipple sits directly behind the part of the breast that projects the fullest

  • The Breast Fold

    The nipple is located above the breast fold (if the nipple sits below the breast fold, that by definition is a drooping breast)

  • Breast Size

    Breast size is proportionate to chest width, waist size and height

  • Symmetry

    Breast are more symmetric

No technique, no implant, no approach is perfect.  These are the limitations of a breast augmentation surgery:
  • No Lift

    Breast implants cannot lift the breasts; when a breast hangs low, a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) procedure may be required as part of, or in addition to, an augmentation.

  • Rounded Look

    Implant edges and implant awareness may be more pronounced in thinner patients with minimal existing breast tissue

  • Breast asymmetry

    Although Dr. Jugenburg will every effort to account for any pre-existing asymmetry that you may have, despite our best efforts your outcome will never be two perfectly identical breasts

  • Added Weight

    Breast implants are not anti-gravity devices, and their weight will create an additional pull downward on your breasts when standing, and your breasts will fall to the sides when lying down.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

The decision to have Breast Augmentation is a major step for most women and extremely personal. Our team therefore always guides and supports the prospective patients through every stage of this process. During an initial consultation at our clinic, you will discuss your reasons for wanting Breast Augmentation and will undergo a thorough medical check-up. If found to be a suitable candidate for surgery, we will discuss with you all the possibilities that are appropriate for your body, determine what is the best breast augmentation approach for you and your personal goals. You will also have the opportunity to examine and try-on various implant sizers (or samples), browse through photos of breast enlargement results in previous patients, view our state-of-the-art facilities, and meet with our team of friendly and experienced staff.

Types of Implants Available

Many different technique, many options. One is right for you.

At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute a number of factors, such as breast implant size, shape, composition and placement will be carefully chosen to create the perfect breast size and shape for your body type. Prior to your Breast Augmentation consultation, we recommend that you prepare photos of cosmetic results in other patients that approximate your personal goals. This will give us a better understanding of exactly what sort of breast enhancement you are looking for. For this purpose, there are numerous websites that show Before and After photos of Breast Augmentation patients.

Key points to remember:

A breast implant is a sac (implant shell) made of highly durable silicone, and filled with either saline or a cohesive silicone gel to add volume.

Breast augmentation is surgery to insert implants beneath the breasts to enlarge them.

The implant type and size depends on how much bigger you want your breasts to become and on your breast anatomy, skin elasticity and body type.

Breast implant augmentation is not guaranteed to last a lifetime and future surgery may be required to replace one or both implants.

Dr. Jugenburg will discuss with you the risks and benefits of breast implants and what results you can expect.

Implant Contents

ib3 image
Silicone implants
Are approved by Health Canada. Silicone implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel that holds uniformly together and is available in different densities. A silicone implant has a more natural, pliable quality that more closely resembles natural breast tissue than saline.
Learn more about Silicone Implants.
ib3 image
Saline implants
Are filled with a sterile saltwater (saline) solution that is similar to the fluid that naturally exists in the human body. Should a saline implant rupture or leak, the saline solution would be absorbed by your body and cause no ill effects.
Learn more about Saline Implants.
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IDEAL Implants
The latest and most advanced breast implant. IDEAL implant is a saline implant that looks and feels like a silicone implant. It is the best of both world and we are excited to be the first clinic in Toronto to offer this exciting new implant.
Learn more about IDEAL Implants.

Implant Profiles

breast augmentation toronto

The profile of a breast implant refers to how much the implant protrudes forward from your chest wall.

A low profile implant is very flat, while a higher profile implant will protrude forward (stick out) from your body and create a more prominent breast.

While some patients prefer the bubbly appearance of high profile implants, those wishing for a more natural look should choose a medium profile implant.

Low Profile

Medium Profile

High Profile

Breast Implant Shapes

Implant Size

breast augmentation toronto

The profile of a breast implant refers to how much the implant protrudes forward from your chest wall.

A low profile implant is very flat, while a higher profile implant will protrude forward (stick out) from your body and create a more prominent breast.

While some patients prefer the bubbly appearance of high profile implants, those wishing for a more natural look should choose a medium profile implant.





Implant Shape

breast augmentation toronto

Breast implants can be Round or Shaped (also known as Anatomic, Teardrop or Contoured implants).

Although Shaped implants provide a more natural, teardrop shape to the breasts, most women prefer the upper fullness (upper pole) provided by Round implants.

Round implants

Shaped implants (Anatomic)

Implant Placement

breast augmentation toronto

Breast implants can be placed over the chest muscle (sub-glandular) or under the chest muscle (sub-muscular).

The position of the implant above or below the muscle will influence the final appearance of your breast enhancement. Going over the muscle is less painful and has a quicker recovery, but is associated with a slightly greater risk of Capsular Contracture and increased implant visibility.

Going under the muscle has the added benefit of giving a more natural look, particularly in thinner patients with small breasts.


More rounded, bubbly look
Surgery and recovery are shorter
Recovery is less painful
More visible and palpable implants
More difficult mammograms
Not recommended in thin patients


More natural look
Surgery and recovery may be longer
Recovery is more painful
Implants are less visible and palpable
Mammograms are easier
Preferable in thin patients

Cleavage After Breast Augmentation

Patient often ask what happens to their cleavage during a breast augmentation, and equally of then they ask if it will be come more narrow.  The answer is: your cleavage will not change much.  During a breast augmentation, a breast implant should be placed such that it sits behind your nipple.  If you are one of the women who have wide set breasts, your implants will have to be placed wider apart.  This is because a breast implant is meant to enlarge your existing breasts, not to create new ones.  If you were to place them close together (in an attempt to get a tighter cleavage), you will end up with implants that may sit more medially (towards the middle) but your natural breast will then sit on the side and because of the curvature of the implant, your nipples will now be made to look sideways.  Not a pretty result.  That is why we must align your implants with your existing breast tissue.

Look at the image below, and now take a closer look and notice the cleavage did not change much with the breast augmentation, only the breasts became fuller.  The image below, with the medial border of the breasts highlighted, shows what really happened during the breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Fees

Implant Type Price
Breast augmentation (anatomic silicone breast implants) $10 500+
Round Implants (Saline) $6900+
Round Implants (Silicone) $8900+
Round Implants (Fat) $9500+
Round Implants (Ideal Implant) $9900
Breast augmentation and a Lift $11500 – 13500+
Breast augmentation revision (initial surgery done by another surgeon) $10 000 – $15 000+ depending on the type of repair required

Our Approach to Breast Augmentation

Finding the right surgeon and choosing the best implants for your body are the core choices when it comes to Breast Augmentation surgery.

At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, our unique approach to Breast Augmentation will ensure that your whole experience, from the moment of your first consultation with Dr. Jugenburg, right through to your full recovery after surgery, is as positive and comfortable as it can be. Individualized planning, meticulous surgical technique, careful monitoring and post-surgical care all combine to ensure that we offer you the best possible long-term results for your breast enhancement.

Breast Augmentation Safety

As with any surgical procedure, no matter how routine, Breast Augmentation is associated with potential complications. At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute we take many safeguards during surgery to minimize your risk of developing problems and ensure the best possible recovery. Although extremely rare, thereafter, complications with breast implants can occur weeks, months or even years later and include:

  • Capsular contracture formation (further information is given here)

  • Breast implant infection

  • Implant rupture and deflation

Most patients at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute have no problems with their implants and continue to enjoy having the breasts they have always desired. Current generation implants are made from an extremely durable silicone shell to decrease the risk of implant leakage or rupture. In the case of silicone-filled implants, the amount of silicone released across the shell (silicone-gel bleed) is limited to:

  • More than a million times less than established safety limits (based on the results of FDA reviewed studies).

  • More than a hundred times less than the amount of silicone absorbed from daily exposure to common consumer products containing silicone, such as antiperspirants, skin lotions and hair care products.

However, if any breast implant is found to be defective (leak or rupture), since all our implants come with a lifetime warranty, you will receive a brand new implant to replace the damaged one.

Alternative Procedures to Breast Augmentation

Alternatives to breast implant augmentation may include:

Fat transfer Breast Augmentation (further information is given here)

Breast Lift surgery (Mastopexy)

Flap reconstruction after breast cancer surgery (Mastectomy) – this involves surgery to create a breast from skin and tissue taken from elsewhere on the body

Wearing padded bras

Wearing padded bras

Accepting yourself – talking to a counselor or psychologist may help you overcome your concerns about your appearance and accept yourself as you are

Augmentation Mastopexy

Over time, breasts loose their youthful perkiness, elasticity and fullness, leaving many women feeling unhappy and discontent with the shape, size and position of their breasts. At some point in time, most women will ask themselves:should I think about getting a breast lift?

Augmentation Mastopexy (or Augmentation Breast Lift)is the ultimate procedure to transform the appearance of deflated, shapeless, sagging breasts and restore timeless beauty to a women’s figure. The procedure is a combination of a Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) and can benefit women who have:

  • Dropping or sagging breasts (where the nipple sits below the breast fold)

  • Nipples and areolas that point downward

  • Asymmetrical breasts (where one breast is positioned lower than the other)

The Breast Lift entails the removal and tightening of excess skin to achieve a natural, uplifted, youthful appearance of the breasts.When combined with the placement of breast implants, the volume and shape of the breasts is also restored or enhanced.Furthermore, with the advanced surgical techniques ably employed by Dr. Jugenburg, scarring is minimal.

Questions about Breast Augmentation

The following questions and answers will give you an insight into the most common concerns among prospective Breast Augmentation patients. Since there are a number of decisions that you will need to make regarding your surgery, and a variety of methods that can be used, we have also provided extensive further information on all aspects of Breast Augmentation, which can be found by following the appropriate links. If you have a question that is not answered, please contact us. For the safest, most aesthetically pleasing results, cosmetic surgery treatments must be tailored specifically to each individual patient. To receive personalized advice for your body, please schedule a consultation.

We perform about 400 breast augmentation surgeries a year, and about 200 breast augmentations with breast lift per year.  This ranks Dr. Jugenburg as one of the top 5 Breast Augmentation specialists in the country.

Dr. Jugenburg has performed thousands of breast implant procedures during his surgical career.

In addition to cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. Jugenburg’s other passion is reconstructive breast surgery for breast cancer patients, which he continues to perform to this day.

We use both about 50%.

  • We like Saline because when they rupture you know it.
  • However both are good and safe and look the same
  • the difference between silicone and saline is in the feel, not the look
    • despite what you may have read on the Internet) and in most patients who have enough of their own breast tissue to cover the implants, you can’t tell at all who has silicone or saline
  • We love the NEW Ideal Implant because it is a saline based implant that has features of a silicone.  It has the best of both worlds.  It is our favourite!

We use mostly Allergan Inspira. The newest and best silicone implants in the world.

We also carry Mentor implants for patients who prefer those.

Most recently, we introduced an Ideal Implant, the latest generation of breast implants on the market. These are saline based implants that look and feel like silicone implants. They carry the best of both silicone and saline implants.

We are a fully certified facility and as such we are prepared to deal with any and all emergencies like any hospital would.  If needed, we can transfer our patients either to the nearest hospital (St. Michael’s hospital is only 5 min away) or to Humber Hospital where Dr. Jugenburg has privileges and is able to look after you.

We are confident in our work.  Should you experience any problems after your breast augmentation procedure, we will take care of you, at no extra cost.

  • Any re-operation that is required to correct any deviations from the desired goal, capsular contracture or implant malposition immediately after surgery are covered.

  • Implant leak or rupture within the first year of the surgery is fully covered.

  • Implant leak or rupture after 1 year are covered by a lifetime warranty by the implant manufacturer, you will cover the cost of anesthesia.


Re-operations which are not covered in the initial fee:

  • changing your implants to a bigger or a smaller size
  • changing the type of implant
  • correcting breast changes related to pregnancy, weight gain or loss.  Please remember your body will continue to change and age after your breast augmentation surgery, and the same applies to your breasts.  Your breast may change shape, volume, and position over time.  Any future ‘touch ups’ to correct these changes are not covered.

  • Over time gravity will displace your implants.  Your breasts fall downward when you stand, and to the side when you’re lying down.  This is normal.

When implants are placed under the muscle, the asymmetric muscle anatomy (this is normal) may mean that one implant is being held higher than the other.  It may need help to bring it down when post surgical massage fails to equalize the implants.

Please note that some asymmetry is normal and no two breast will EVER be perfectly symmetrical.

Dr. Jugenburg’s practice is virtually all cosmetic.  He maintains his hospital privileges so that can continue to perform breast reconstruction for cancer patients, one of his passions.

99% of implants settle after 3 months.  Rarely it takes longer (it could take up to a year)

We perform 95% under the muscle because of it’s lower capsular contracture rate.  However in some situations we do recommend going over the muscle.  Most common reason for going over the muscle is when the patient does not want to affect her pectoral muscle function, does not want animation deformity, or specifically wants the overfilled fake look possible only when implants are over the muscle.

We use all three incisions.  The decision which one to use is based on your anatomy.  While most surgeons only use the breast fold incision (it is the easiest technique), Dr. Jugenburg will examine you and then determine which one is best for you.

Our statistics are:

40% breast fold,  20 % around areola, 40% through the armpit

No.  Building up chest muscle is not helpful

Your breast size is controlled by genetics and the pituitary gland in your brain. The following are NOT alternative to Breast Augmentation

  • Supplements and creams (products that sound too good to be true, usually are)
  • Sleeping position
  • Wearing a bra (or not)
  • Rubbing or squeezing your breasts
  • Sex (or lack of sex)
  • Pumps and machines

Augmentation and will have no affect on your breast size:The following may affect your breast size, but are not an alternative to Breast Augmentation:

  • When taking the birth control pill, some women’s breasts will become enlarged, while other women’s breasts will not. Such a change is unpredictable and is considered a side effect of hormonal fluctuations.

  • Pregnancy increases breast size only for the duration of the pregnancy and nursing period (if breastfeeding).

  • There is no known way to use weight gain to only increase the size of your breasts (i.e., without also increasing your overall body size).

To be a good candidate for a Breast Augmentation, click here to see if you have any conditions that may prevent you from having your procedure done at our clinic.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast implants are appropriate for use in women over the age of 18 years-old, or after your breasts have stopped growing. However, maturity levels also make a difference in whether someone is a good candidate for Breast Augmentation or not. Younger women must be aware that the decision to have a breast enlargement is a major decision and a long-term commitment, and that augmented breasts may still change unfavorably as a result of weight fluctuations and pregnancy.

You are never too old for a breast enhancement. Age is not a deciding factor, your overall health is. Any woman, regardless of her age, is a good candidate for a Breast Augmentation providing she is healthy, in good physical shape, and understands the long-term commitment and risks associated with a breast implant procedure.

Most women are very happy after their Breast Augmentation at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute.  In fact a review of breast augmentation patients showed that 98% are happy or very happy with their results and would recommend this surgery to their friends.! They feel better about their proportions and curves, and fit and look better in clothes.They feel more feminine, sexy and have more self-confidence even in the most intimate of situations.They finally have the beautiful breasts they have always desired in terms of size, shape and look.

No. Breast implants will not prevent you from breastfeeding. However, many women who seek Breast Augmentation have little natural glandular breast tissue and may not be able to produce enough milk to breastfeed; this is not related to the augmentation surgery or the presence of breast implants. Please refer here for further information.

During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts will develop and enlarge in preparation for breastfeeding. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts will either revert to their pre-pregnancy state or possibly leave you with a deflated and sagging appearance. It normally takes about 3 months for these changes to happen, and you should wait until your breasts have stabilized (until they are not changing any longer) before planning your surgery. If you were to otherwise have your breast augmentation surgery earlier, it would be difficult to control the final result as your breasts would still be changing and may then require revision surgery at a later date. It is also important that at the time of your surgery your breasts are free from milk. If you are still able to squeeze milk out through your nipples, you are not yet ready for implants. Presence of milk increases the risk of infection and Capsular Contracture.

Pregnancy after having Breast Augmentation is quite common. During pregnancy, your breasts will undergo all the normal changes associated with pregnancy regardless of whether or not you have breast implants. However, some women seek additional surgery after a pregnancy that has left them with breasts that are deflated and sagging. Postpartum women (women who are finished with pregnancies) will no longer experience such breast changes, especially if they keep their weight under control, and are ideal candidates for a first Breast Augmentation.

Women who are 40 years-old or above, or those with a strong family history of breast cancer, should be screened. It is important to determine that the breasts are free from any disease prior to cosmetic breast surgery.Dr. Jugenburg will assess you during your consultation and determine what investigations are required prior to your surgery. If you have any concerns regarding breast cancer (such as a strong family history of breast cancer or lumps in your breasts), please make sure to mention these during your breast augmentation consultation.

The current recommendations for having mammogram screening are no different for women with breast implants than for those without. However, it is essential that you tell your radiologist before the procedure that you have an implant. The radiologist will need to use special techniques to reduce the possibility of your implants rupturing and to get the best possible views of the breast tissue. For further information, please refer here.

No. There is no medical evidence to indicate that women who have breast implants are at a greater risk than those without.

Health Canada has approved silicone breast implants for Breast Augmentation that are manufactured by three two companies: Allergan and Mentor. An extensive review by the Institute of Medicine in the United States concluded that: “There is no evidence that silicone implants are responsible for any major diseases of the whole body. Women are exposed to silicone constantly in their daily lives.”Silicone is commonly found in hair conditioners, shampoos and styling products, and as coatings on pharmaceuticals pills.

Breast implants require proper long-term care to ensure maximum lifetime. Please refer here, for further information on post-operative care, and here for breast implant risks and long-term care.

Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. Their lifespan varies among patients, and can be expected to last 15 – 25 years. Sometimes, however, a replacement is prompted earlier for various reasons, such as a desired size or style change, or a very rare implant rupture or deflation.

Yes, improvements to breast asymmetry are always sort during Breast Augmentation, but can never be achieved and nor is it naturally present in any woman; no one has perfect symmetry. In more pronounced cases of breast volume and shape asymmetry, Dr. Jugenburg can modify the chosen implant profile and/or size in one or both breasts to adjust for this asymmetry. A small breast lift may also be required in one or both breasts to improve the positioning of the two breasts.

You should be close to your ideal weight prior to surgery. Fluctuations in your weight can result in unpredictable changes in the appearance of your breasts, which may impact unfavorably on the outcome of your breast enlargement.

While smoking causes lung cancer, it can also lead to various other adverse events during and after surgery. The many toxins in cigarettes will interfere with the healing of your wound sand increase your risk of infection, for example.

Most women experience some decrease in nipple sensation initially after a breast augmentation surgery, but this normally resolves after a few weeks or months. In some women, however, a very rare effect is either hypersensitivity or decreased sensation that lasts for a long time, or even permanently.

Stretchmarks are the result of a weak inner layer of skin. Some women are genetically predisposed to stretchmarks. Although much less common in the breasts than in the abdomen, they can still appear regardless of the implant size. In general, however, stretchmarks are rare and very few patients at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute develop them.

If performed by an experienced, skilled and certified Plastic Surgeon (in Canada), such as Dr. Jugenburg, most women are very happy after their first breast implant surgery.Although we try to help patients who had bad results from previous surgery, we are very clear up front: revision surgery is complicated, may require several touch-ups or revisions, and the end result will not be perfect. There is always risk the procedure may fail and you are not better off than when we met you. Of course, there is also the very small risk that you may come out worse than you are. If you wish to come in and be assessed by Dr. Jugenburg regarding revision surgery, it is essential that you bring with you all the available information (your previous OR report, information about your existing implants, and pictures of you taken prior to your very first surgery and any subsequent procedure).

Dr. Jugenburg will guide and advice you to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make a careful decision on which implant type will provide you with the best cosmetic results. During your consultation, Dr. Jugenburg will examine any asymmetries or limitations of your existing breast anatomy, and discuss with you your desires,goals and options. You will try-on various implant sizers, view a 3D simulation of how your breasts may look after surgery, and view our extensive gallery of Before and After photos in previous patients. While the results achieved by one patient will not necessarily reflect those of another, after the consultation process you should have a good idea of whether the appearance of your breasts after surgery will meet your goals.

Whether or not you also require a Breast Lift will be discussed with you at your consultation. This will depend on the elasticity of your skin, the extent of sagging and excess skin, the position of the nipples, and the presence of asymmetry between the breasts. The lower the nipple, or the greater the asymmetry, the more likely you will require a lift in one or both breasts. If your nipples are positioned symmetrically in the middle of both breasts, it is unlikely you will require a lift.

If you are very slim and have insufficient skin (or skin elasticity) and fat in your breasts to adequately hide your implants, but you can still have beautiful results from breast implant augmentation. In such cases, an implant placement below the chest muscle is preferred, as the compression and contours of the muscle will better disguise the implant and creates a more natural look.

No breast implant feels entirely natural. Every woman knows every part of her body and you will always be able to feel your implants. If you choose implants that are appropriate for your body, over time they will become a seamless part of you. A degree of natural rippling/wrinkling on an implants surface is relatively common and can be felt, particularly when a woman leans forwards; however, this effect is similar to the folding of natural tissue in larger breasts (without implants) and is more pronounced in saline implants. Women with small breasts, in whom the skin and fat is stretched more to cover their implants, will likely remain more aware of the implant edges. In such women, the implants will also feel firmer and more fixed than in women who had natural breasts of a C cup size or above.

According to the two main FDA-approved manufacturers of breast implants, Allergan and Mentor, breast implants have no expiration date and have no definite lifespan. If you have no problems with your implants, there is no need for a replacement no matter how much time has past, whether it is 5, 10 or more years. However, Breast Augmentation results are not permanent.Over time, your breasts can change due to affects of gravity, aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breastfeeding. If, after a period of years, you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, you may choose to undergo a Breast Lift or Implant Exchange to restore a more youthful contour.

For further information on the long-term care of breast implants, please refer here.