Teardrop Vs. Round Breast Implants

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Shawn Trumpfeller
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November 30, 2022

You’ve decided to move forward with breast augmentation surgery. Where do you go from here - teardrop vs round breast implants? Aside from the cost of breast augmentation surgery, one of the biggest factors in answering these questions is the shape of your new breasts.

It can be hard to decide which is best for you. Do you want the popular round breast implant shape? Or do you want the more natural-looking (but pricier) teardrop-shaped implants?

Perhaps you have heard friends or celebrities discussing the two shapes and are wondering which is best suited to your body and/or your lifestyle. A consultation with your cosmetic surgeon will help answer some of these questions. T

he truth is that it really depends on your individual circumstances. What size are your breasts? What type of activity do you enjoy? Do you want to wear a bra or not? All of these factors will play a role in your decision.

What is your body type?

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and that's okay! Everybody is different, so there is no one "correct" shape or size. Each implant type has its own appeal and you should choose implants that conform to your own shape and size – nobody else's.

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

When considering breast implants, your first decision is about the type of look you wish to have. Whether you're looking for a natural look, enhanced projection, or a more rounded shape, our team of surgeons can help you find the perfect implant for your unique needs.

Here are the different types of surgeries to consider:

  • Enlargement - This type of surgery will improve the size of your breast by using implants to add size. This will improve your appearance and make them look more proportionate.
  • Lift and Enlargement - If you're looking for a surgery that will give you fuller, more youthful-looking breasts, this could be the right choice for you! This type of surgery combines a breast lift (where the loose skin is removed and the breast lifted) with breast enlargement to replace the lost volume. As a result, you will have breasts that are more lifted and youthful looking.

Teardrop Vs Round Breast Implants

Here we are, the comparison we’ve all been waiting for, and it primarily comes down to one question: how do you want your breasts to look?

There are 2 types of shapes with slightly different aesthetic features: round implants and teardrop implants. But it wasn’t always this way.For years, the only choice for breast augmentation was a round implant. While this type of implant still offers the best results for many people, there is now a different type of implant available that may be a better fit for you - the teardrop implant.

  • Teardrop - They can provide people with a more natural shape and look, as they slope gently from the nipple to the breastbone. If you're looking for a more subtle, natural result, then you should consider the teardrop shape. These implants give the breasts a more natural look without looking too artificial or fake.
  • Round - These are the most common type of implants. After surgery, the projection of the breast will appear spherical due to the round shape of the implant. These implants give the appearance of more fullness at the top of the breast and are typically placed at the upper pole of the breast. If you want to correct sagging and are going for a fuller look, round implants may be a good option.

Final Verdict

So, when choosing between teardrop vs. round breast implants, what should you decide? It's important to do your research and consult with a trusted surgeon before making the decision. We recommend learning as much as you can about the specific shapes and different types of implants on the market.