S.A.F.E Liposuction
Separate, Aspirate, and Fat Equilibration

How Does SmartLipo Compare to Other Types of Liposuction?

It seems that almost every day a new type of lipo equipment comes on the market to replace the traditional tumescent liposuction. It may be water assisted, laser assisted or other type that is backed by marketing dollars to physicians, and the public. The truth is, what’s far more important than what name the procedure is given, or what type of equipment is being touted, is the skill and knowledge of the surgeon using the equipment.

There is not a single study showing any advantage of SmartLipo over traditional tumescent liposuction. Because of extensive marketing, the public perceives lipo as a “simple” procedure, since it requires only minimal incisions and little if any suturing. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

SmartLipo uses lasers to work on small, localized areas. The laser is used to heat the fat prior to being suctioned. Some claim that the greater heating stimulates collagen production, which leads to better skin retraction. The problem is, the cannula with the laser fiber works very close to the skin’s surface, which can result in burning and scarring. SAFELipo is the liposuction technique that is regarded by most liposuction experts as superior to all other techniques.

SAFELipo is a technical variation on the traditional Tumescent Liposuction where a POWERLipo hand piece is used for the tumescence technique, and the actual lipo is slightly altered to improve the appearance of results.

Advantages of SAFELipo Liposuction

Dr. Jugenburg prefers using tumescent SAFELipo to SmartLipo, because it offers:
Ability to work on larger areas of the body
Ability to remove larger amounts of fat
Smoother liposuction due to use of the SAFELipo method
Minimal blood loss due to vasoconstriction from local anesthesia
Ability to remove larger amounts of fat
Less painful due to tumescent anesthesia
Compared to SmartLipo, SAFELipo Liposuction provides a more gradual and controlled removal of fat, producing smoother results. And because the specific technique used, there is lower risk of producing skin depressions and irregularities.

Sutures are often not needed to close the holes produced by tumescent lipo. This promotes a large amount of post-procedure drainage, which reduces bruising, tenderness and swelling following the surgery. Another advantage of tumescent liposuction is that it provides fluid so efficiently to the body that IV fluids are not required after the procedure.

Advantages of Power Assisted Lipo

Gentler on the Tissues
Power assisted liposuction uses a specialized cannula that vibrates at a very fast speed allowing easier removal of fat. Fat is also suctioned more gently than with other types of lipo, and requires less anesthesia. Because it requires less force to use, there is reduced swelling and bruising on the patient, as well as less pain.

Further Efficiency
Traditional liposuction is performed by inserting a hollow tube into the body, and then using suction to remove fat. Power-assisted liposuction relies on the same technique, but the cannula is attached to a machine that vibrates it so that the fat can be removed more easily. These vibrations break down the stubborn fat into tinier chunks, loosening the fat, which makes them easier to remove. This method works on areas with firmer or fibrous tissues.

No Heat
Unlike SmartLipo, Power Assisted liposuction uses no heat, so there is no concern for the accidental burning that could occur with laser liposuction.

More Precise

Liposuction with power assistance enables surgeons to perform the procedure more efficiently. The device attached to the suction tube allows them to target areas of the body with greater precision, removing fat faster and more effectively than manual liposuction. This means less time spent under general anesthesia.
For example, the vibrating cannula can be maneuvered more easily around difficult areas of the body as compared to traditional liposuction methods. This means that the surgeon can target almost all areas of the body for liposuction.
Smaller Wounds, Better Healing, Reduced Recovery
With a smaller incision, there are smaller wounds which leads to a faster recovery. While all surgical procedures causes swelling and discomfort, using the compression garments minimize that.

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