Surgical Fees

Keep in mind that the prices are general fees. Exact quotes are given ONLY after a proper consultation has been completed and we have determined the extent of surgery your goals will require. Read below for other associated costs. Monthly payments are provided by our third-party financing partners; please contact them for exact costs and eligibility.

Surgery Fees

These fees are only a guide. Each patient is different and their needs are different. Fees listed will be adjusted based on the complexity of your case, and the amount of time our surgeons estimate your procedure would require. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Liposuction fees are variable

Larger volume, asymmetry corrections, contour irregularities and other complicating factors will increase the overall fee. Exact quotes are given only after a proper consultation was completed and we determined the extent of surgery your goals will require.

Lipo Fees

Total Abdomen : $8,500 (Inc: Upper and Lower)
Lipo360 : $17,300 (Inc: Abdomen, Love Handles, Bra Rolls)
Anterior and Medial Thigh : $12,600

Non-Surgical Fees

All Fees Are In Canandian Dollars
Cheek Fillers
(Excessive Sweating)
$1,000 (100u)
Lip Enhancement
Sculptra Butt Injections
$10,000 per session
Skin Revitalizing Treatment: Micro-Needling
with Redensity I
Single treatment (1 area): $600
Package (3 treatments) :
1 area: $1,500
2 areas: $2,900
3 areas: $4,300
Under Eye Treatment – Redensity II
Hand Rejuvenation
$650/first syringe
$600/second syringe
Please note LIPOSUCTION FEES can vary significantly because of the high variability in the work involved from patient to patient.

Scheduling Fees

The Scheduling Fee for a Consultation is $200. This is a one time fee, which will be credited towards the cost of your procedure should you book a surgery with us.
What am I paying for?
This fee reserves a time for you to see us and prevents another patient from being booked at the same time.

The Consultation Scheduling Fee will go towards the cost of your surgery, if you reserve your surgery booking date within 30 days of your consultation. Please note that this is referring to your surgery booking date and not the surgery itself. Alternatively, if you don't book your surgery with our surgeons in this time period, your Consultation Scheduling Fee will remain as the fee for the consultation which took place and is not refundable.

If you are unable to attend your consultation, we require a 2(TWO) business day notice to cancel or reschedule your consultation in order to have your consultation fee refunded.

Scheduling Fees

To schedule a surgical procedure we require a $2,000 deposit ($3,000 for a BBL), which will be included in the Surgery Fee.
What am I paying for?
The Surgical Scheduling Fee is required to secure a surgical date. Until we receive the fee, we do not guarantee your surgery date (Please do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your date).
This fee reserves a time for you and prevents another patient from being booked at the same time. For this reason the deposit is NON-refundable.
This fee is deducted from the overall surgery fee (the outstanding balance is due no later than 3 weeks before surgery).
Once we have received your Surgical Scheduling Fee, we will provide you with required paperwork and lab work for you to complete and return to us. We also reserve any required implants or special supplies that is needed for your surgery. (For this reason, it is important that you do not wait until the last moment to pay your Surgical Scheduling Fee. If you do, we may not be able to guarantee or obtain special order supplies if any are required).

Financing Options

Payment plans are we available though fiancing with Medicard (iFinance) or CreditMedical.
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