Breast Augmentation
for Bodybuilders

Many women who engage in bodybuilding and fitness activities are also seeking Breast Augmentation. One of the downsides of weightlifting in women is the gradual loss of breast tissue with increased lean body mass and decreased body fat. If this applies to you and your training and toning has led to the loss of your womanly curves, you can consider Breast Augmentation as a safe way to restore femininity and fullness to your figure.

At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we recognize that the sensitive issues concerning the look and feel of breasts, body image and self-esteem applies to all women. Dr. Jugenburg, as a Breast Augmentation specialist, has the skill and cosmetic artistry to produce beautiful breast enhancements even in women who have a highly athletic build.

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Breast Implant Placement

A muscular physique and low body fat are important factors that must be given special consideration by an experienced Plastic Surgeon when determining the best approach for a breast enhancement procedure. The challenge is in determining where to place the breast implant, whether above or below a more prominent pectoral muscle (pectoralis major), to provide an enhancement that will look great all the time (while training or during the off-season).

However, many women with an athletic build choose to have their breast implants positioned above the pectoral muscles so that the implants do not interfere with the muscles.
Benefits of going under the muscle (sub-muscular):
  • Gives a more natural look as the muscle sits on the upper half of the implant, which creates a gentle slope to the breast
  • Associated with a lower risk of developing Capsular Contracture (implant hardening)
  • May reduce implant rippling/wrinkling
Downside of going under the muscle:
  • The implants are displaced/pushed to the side when flexing the pectoral muscles, creating the impression of a very wide cleavage
  • Surgery is more painful (this is such a minimal difference that it should not be a deciding factor between above and below muscle placements)
  • Recovery time is longer
Benefits of going over the muscle (sub-glandular):
  • Gives a more bubbly, push-up bra look (known as the Fake Look)
  • Does not interfere with pectoral muscle function
  • No muscle fibers are removed
  • There is no implant movement with pectoral muscle flexion (the implants are not pushed apart creating a very wide cleavage)
Downside of going over the muscle:

Returning to Bodybuilding After Surgery

After complete recovery from Breast Augmentation surgery, patients are able to return to a normal life and resume upper body exercises. Weight training should initially be recommenced gently, with lower weights, slow movements, and a non-intensive training routine until the pectoral muscles are fully healed. For breast implants placed below the pectoral muscle, this is typically after a period of 3 months. For implants placed above the muscle, you should be able to return to training sooner, and Dr. Jugenburg will advise you when it is safe to do so.


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