High Profile, Moderate
Profile, or Low Profile?

The PROFILE of an implant refers to how much it projects forward off your chest when you are standing.

Low profile implants are ‘flattest’ implant.

Moderate profiles are most natural looking

High profile implants give you the fullest and roundest breasts. They are also known as the ‘augmented’ look. A HIGH profile doesn’t mean it sits high on your chest. It means the implants project forward the most.

Read more below to better understand what different profiles mean.

How Much Do You Want Your Breasts to Stand Out?

Everyone person is unique in her body form. With the extensive range of breast implants available at SixSurgery, it is possible for each person to choose an implant design with the SixSurgery team that is perfect for your breast enhancement goals. With the many different types of implants available, it is important to understand the differences between the various implants and how each would affect your augmentation results. In addition to silicone and saline choices, implant options are based upon breast width, profile and shape.

The profile of a breast implant refers to how much the implant projects forward from the chest wall. Implants of the same volume (described in cc’s or cubic centimeters) that differ in base width (diameter) will give a different projection from the chest wall; the narrower the base width for a given volume, the greater the projection. In general, a low profile implant is flat and wide. A medium profile implant of the same volume will have a smaller base width, but project farther out from your body. A high profile implant has the narrowest base width, and projects forward the most.
Low Profile: Wide implants, with minimal projection from the chest. Low profile implants are more flattering for women with wider chests.
Moderate Profile: Universally flattering implants that project from the chest more than low profile implants, but not as much as high profile implants. Moderate profile implants do not create excessive width on the side and are therefore appropriate for women with smaller, narrower chests.
High Profile: Implants with a narrow base width for maximum projection. High profile implants give rounded fullness on top of the breasts and some breast lift. This effect creates the most bubbly, prominent cleavage of the various profile options and is ideal for petite women who have a very narrow chest wall.

During your pre-operative Breast Augmentation consultation, the SixSurgery team will use measure of your breasts and body to determine the maximum width and projection of breast implant that will fit your current proportions (or figure). This is a method known as Dimensional Breast Augmentation.

All the implants pictured above have the same diameter or width. What differs is their projection – how much they protrude (stick-out) from the chest. A low profile implant is very flat, while a high profile breast implant is very round and gives a more fake look.

Which look do you prefer? The more subtle tear drop look, or the more obvious rounder fuller look? Or would you like something in between?

Consider which ‘Look’ you prefer, and remember that because each person is very unique, for each person the SixSurgery team will create a unique surgical plan to deliver the desired results. In many patients, a moderate profile round implant placed under the muscle can create the ‘Anatomic’ look. And in some patients, even a high profile can look natural.

However, not all patients that want the round augmented look can achieve it, even if they chose a high profile round implant.This can be due to their existing anatomy.


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