Breast Augmentation

A meticulous new surgical technique to eliminate the most common problem associated with breast implants.
Capsular Contracture, although rare, is one of the most common problems that could develop after Breast Augmentation surgery. Much research has been carried out into finding the cause and the treatment for this condition. The latest evidence suggests that minimizing bleeding during and after surgery will help lower the risk of Capsular Contracture. To address this issue, Dr. Jugenburg uses a new bloodless surgical technique to perform breast enlargement.
Meticulous surgical technique, careful monitoring and post-surgical care at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute all work together to ensure that we offer you the best possible long-term results.

What is Bloodless Breast Augmentation?

During Bloodless Breast Augmentation, Dr. Jugenburg uses a special surgical instrument to carefully dissect the breast tissue and, at the same time, cauterize small blood vessels to prevent them from bleeding.
This means that the procedure is virtually bloodless, such that during the entire surgery, only a few drops of blood may be lost.

Can I Have Bloodless Breast Augmentation?

Any patient is a candidate for Bloodless Breast Augmentation. The only requirement is that the patient is both willing and suitable to have the surgery done through the breast fold (Infra-Mammary) or the areola (Peri-Areolar).
However, some women prefer to have the surgery through the armpit (Trans-Axillary), which is not compatible with the bloodless technique.

What Are the Benefits of Bloodless Breast Augmentation?

The benefits of the bloodless technique include:
Longer lasting results
Less pain
Less swelling
No bruising

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