Breast Implants
and Bra Support

Most women look forward to the prospect of shopping for brand new bras after their breast enlargement surgery. Bra support advice is, however, an area often overlooked in the post-operative care of Breast Augmentation patients.

Over time, without proper support, the weight of breast implants can create significant sagging and stretching of the breast tissue and skin. Bra selection can dramatically change after surgery, with the amount of bra coverage, presence of underwire and/or padding, and strap width, all important considerations besides fundamental bra size. After your post-surgical recovery period, Dr. Jugenburg and staff will advise you which bra features will be most suitable for you based on the outcome of your breast enlargement.

Wear Your Surgical Bra Continually During the Recovery Period

The first few weeks following breast enlargement are the most important stage of your recovery. It is therefore essential for all patients to wear their surgical bra throughout the first 2 – 4 weeks of recovery (if instructed to do so by Dr. Jugenburg). Your surgical bra is designed to provide adequate support to prevent your implants from falling to the sides or too far downward (an effect known as bottoming out). Most patients are also given an elastic strap that is used to support the breast fold or apply downward pressure, or both.

Avoid Wearing an Underwire Bra for the First Six Weeks

Wearing an underwire bra too soon after surgery could lead to unnecessary complications. Underwire bras may irritate or cut into the flesh underneath your breasts and press against tender incisions (if your procedure was carried out through the breast fold). It is generally okay to start wearing underwire-based support after 6 weeks. Until this time, you should also avoid wearing any bra that creates a push-up effect, as your breast implants must be given time to settle down into their proper position. However, thereafter, you may find that with the new enlarged and shapely appearance of your breasts, you no longer require or like the look of a push-up effect.

Shopping for New Bras

Women with augmented breasts will find that they have to greatly adjust their previous size and style choices when shopping for new bras. Most patients will also need to be re-measured to find their perfect fit. It is very likely that while certain bra types that were previously comfortable and flattering for you may no longer be so, bras that didn’t work for you before, may now do so.
Features that may determine bra fitting and selection include:
Position of the breasts on the chest wall
The width of the cleavage
The shape of the breasts
The size (width and projection) of the breasts
When picking a bra, women should keep in mind the following indications of a poor fit:
The center panel in the front does not rest against your skin. This is a sign that your breasts are too big for the given bra size, and that a larger size may offer a better fit.
A band that rides up your back and creates unattractive lumps in the skin and tissues of your back (known as back fat) is a sign of a poor fit. The band of the bra should remain parallel to, or slightly lower than, the front.
The straps dig into your skin or fall down your shoulders. Bra strap length should not need to be altered in order to achieve adequate, comfortable support; the band should provide 90% of the support.
The cups are wrinkled and/or there is excess space between the cup edges and your breasts. If this is the case a smaller size may offer a better fit.

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